BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 5 – Tips for spending the holidays alone

I’m not sure how people will feel about the subject of this post, but I think just as relevant as any other, so I hope it will be taken as such.

There are many reasons that people may be spending the ‘key’ holiday days alone – not having/ having contact with family, feeling in a position that you simply can’t face being with other people and the pressures social situations can bring, or being extremely poorly and physically unable to make it out of the house to be with with loved ones. All valid reasons, and they have the potential to make you feel pretty crappy about what you “should” be doing and the fact that you’re not.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never been in that situation but I have gotten to a point where I’ve come very close to it, and think it’s important to be forearmed so that you can try and take those negative feelings and turn them into something a little better so that these days pass easier. A lot of these tips are centred around self care activity and are easy to develop into being as indulgence or short term as you like.

Plan ahead: The majority of shops and businesses will be closed on key holiday days, so make sure you head out for everything you want and need in advance. If you can’t get out yourself, try and arrange for someone else to for you, or organise home delivery options to arrive in good time.

Get Comfortable

It’s cold outside, try and make your environment as snug and inviting as possible for you to nest in during this down time. For me this usually involves popping on some fresh PJs or soft loungewear, a really comfy pillow (I swear by the Dunelm cuddle cushion) and a massive furry throw (again, swear by the Dunelm teddy bear throws and have been a fan for years) on the couch or my bed.

Strong food game

Just because you’re having a meal for one, why shouldn’t it be awesome? You are worth the effort of enjoying good food and drink, so make sure you get some of your favourite meals, snacks and drinks to have at your leisure. I’ve been known to go to either ends of the spectrum with food when I’m alone at home – chuck on some music and cook a full on meal from scratch, or eat as much as possible that requires as little movement as I can manage.


If you’re lucky enough to have satellite tv on an on demand service, this one is pretty easy – stockpile all of your fave shows and get watching! If you don’t there’s the delights of YouTube and podcasts online, re-watching your fave DVDs (the holidays are the best time to enjoy the oldies but goodies) o treat your self with a bit of peace and quiet whilst costing up with that book you’ve been meaning to get round to starting.


Having time alone can be a great excuse to indulge your body with a bit of TLC too. A cheeky facemask whilst you’re watching a film, a lovely body scrub in the shower or a colourful and lovely smelling bath. It could even be as simple as catching up on some sleep.

Join in: if you’re alone during the holidays not through choice and you feel like having company of the digital kind (aka you can still chat but don’t have to put pants on) jump on the #joinin conversation and chat with others facing a similar situation or that are simply taking time out from their days to have some quiet time. Comedian Sarah Millican started this initiative, which she explains more about in her online magazine here.

As I mentioned at the start, these are more light hearted suggestions, however I fully appreciate that it’s not always as easy as having a bath and putting the telly on to help get you through certain times. If you’re in need of greater support and help this year, please do reach out for it. I know it can feel like the most difficult step, but I hope you’re able to make it so that the rest of life can start to feel that bit better and easier.

See you tomorrow,

J xx

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