BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 11 – home made mint white hot chocolate

It’s’ the season that Jenny goes nuts an experiments with a variety of hot chocolate recipes. I flirted with lots of different recipes – Cointreau hot chocolate, Rocky Road hot chocolate, Aztec hot chocolate…but in the dress, I decided to share an oldy but goody: creamy mint white hot chocolate. Hope you enjoy this as much as me!

This recipe makes 1 large-ish mug:

1/2 mug of milk (I used skimmed as that’s what I always use, but any is ok)

75g white chocolate chips

1.5 tbsp dark cocoa powder

1 tbsp mint extract

Whipped cream and sprinkle bits to serve

1. Chuck all the main ingredients in to a pan over a medium heat.

2. Leave to simmer for about 15 minutes, keep stirring throughout to ensure the chocolate chips melt.

3. Pour into your fave mug, then add the whipped cream and sparkly bits to serve.

Easy, right? Ingredients and snowman mallow biscuits, Morrisons / Mug, NASA/Natural History Museum / Candy canes, Debenhams (they’re prosecco flavoured!)

I’ll leave you to enjoy this festive treat and see you all tomorrow,

J xx

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