Being married for a decade

“I married him, reader”

On this day a whole decade ago, I signed a piece of paper in front of forty or so people saying I was willing to share my life with one other person. That’s a fairly formal way of saying “it’s my ten year wedding anniversary today, eek!”

I know what you’re thinking no “Jenny, you only look about 25. Where you a child bride?” and to that I’d blush sweetly and say thank you. The answer I’m afraid is no, I’m simply quite juvenile and camera filters have improved over the past few years…

The other thing that’s improved in that time is my ability to reflect, so today, in honor of this milestone, I’m sharing with you what being in a long term relationship has taught me.

You’re not a gold digger if your partner pays for more things than you. This might sounds ridiculous, or old fashioned, take it as you will, but when the Mr and I first started going out one of his ‘friends’ said he should watch himself around me because I was I gold digging bitch. I was furious, and at the time it was highly untrue (he lived in MY house and our incomes were pretty similar). Over the years our salaries, jobs and approach to paying for our lifestyle have changed a lot, and between us we have agreed what we are both happy with. I’m secure in the fact that he sometimes pays for more because he wants to, and he’s fully aware that I’d be aiming for someone older and richer if I was in fact after money. At least I think he’s aware of that.

I still find myself surprised by how much he loves me. Just when I think he’s told me or showed me in all the ways possible, he will say or do something that makes me sit back and go “wow, I didn’t know you cared that much”.

I still wear the trousers when I need to. My hubby is a LOT more opinionated and strong than people give him credit for in our relationship (people presume that because I’m more talkative he is therefore passive. Nope, not even close!) but that doesn’t mean there are times when he sees the benefit of sending me to bat when there’s a time I’m likely to make a stronger point or get a better result. I’m a very constructive complainer (yes, that’s a thing) and am less shy about being assertive in public, so I tend to handle the more difficult situations that need that kind of approach.

I gained the biggest cheerleader I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, my mum is an amazing lady and has done a cracking job of inspiring and lifting me up, but she’s no longer at home for me every single day to pick me up off the floor if things are a bit rubbish or talk through my many random musings and ideas.

You can have a wonderfully close and healthy relationship without seeing each other on the toilet. Look; I’m not a prude, I know he poos and he knows I do, but I have zero desire to witness it unless of medical emergency.

Don’t get me wrong, there are also sometimes negative things to a long term relationship too – I’m not going to talk about those here because there really are very few of them, and if any were that bad I wouldn’t be writing this post at all!

I feel extremely lucky to have my Husband in my life. He’s a decent bloke who is very clever, insightful and kind. He’s also silly as hell, but that’s only a side I get to see (which is a real shame because he’s hilarious). Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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