Six years of having a blog

19 May 2020 marked 6 years of me having a blog – making and posting (more or less) regular content to the internet for people to discover and view as they choose.

So I started thinking, what SHOULD that mean at this point? And I decided that answer is everything and nothing, depending on who you are.

On one hand – if my blog wouldve carried on as solely fashion, my photos may have gotten better and I had remained consistent and diligent with posting, I may have ascended into the world of full time influencing and had an insta feed like some of the fabulous women I follow on the platform. On the other hand, which is exactly what has happened, I didn’t achieve those things. I didn’t stay with fashion, I didn’t remain consistent and only some of my photos got better (when other people took them).

However, what I have achieved as a result if starting a blog has made me pretty happy. It helped me to develop skills that allowed me to find my current career in marketing, I have met some great friends through the blogging community and I have enjoyed the challenge of finding my voice on a variety of topics. My writing is now more about real life and opinion; yeah fashion occasionally creeps in there but I’m ok with it being a side chick. You’ll find more of the fashion stuff on my instagram these days (shameless plug, but true story).

Whereas some people would expect a blogger of six years to have shot to the stars, I I’m fact consider myself to be exposing the moon. Not knowing what I’m gonna find there is way more interesting.

Happy birthday Jenny Chat!

Thanks for reading, now and for the past few days/weeks/months/years, J xx

I couldn’t help but wonder – could I become East Yorkshire’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw? Finding a niche that fits

I’m not the ultimate sassy singleton with a Manhattan apartment, a fabulous wardrobe and a great social life. BUT – I have found my Mr Big (without the on and off bits), I’m in my mid thirties and I’ve had a decent bit of life experience. Also, I’m a writer. Whereas Carrie Bradshaw had a somewhat aversion to technology (no e-mail, no online shopping, I can’t relate) and was a published columnist in a newspaper, I am a slightly more technology friendly (shop online, send lots of e-mails, bit behind with tools like SEO and PPC) who publishes blog posts in a little corner of the internet. Same shit, different day.

Something that differentiates us further as writers is that Carrie writes about one pretty specific topic – Sex. Well; sex, relationships and NYC. That’s her USP. She has a wealth of experience in dating and sexual encounters from a young age, and has a group of friends around her who have the same experience that she draws on as inspiration. As a result each column appears relatable and thought provoking. The gal found her niche.

When I first started my blog, my sole focus was fashion content (with the odd bit of food thrown in) because that was the interest that ignited my passion. I was going for a kind of style diary vibe. As my interests developed, my content and posting schedule kind of went a bit haywire. There was less cohesion and at times a lot less frequency. And, let’s be honest, the world and her Instagram husband were doing fashion blogs at the time so it wasn’t exactly a niche market I was trying to hustle in.

So now, I’ve found myself wondering “do all writers, or bloggers, need a niche?”

I’ve decided that they don’t. I believe that if you’re passionate about writing you can write about most things – in my day job I work within an industry that doesn’t interest me on a personal level but I enjoy the challenge of writing from a different perspective and to a different audience. However, I do think that as a blogger these days it helps massively to have a bit of a USP so that people choose to read your content over others. That doesn’t necessarily have to be WHAT you write about; it could be the way the style you write it in, or a common theme that ties each post together.

So, that poses another question “what could MY niche be?”

Over the last few weeks I’ve found that the best way for me to feel in control of my posting schedule is to commit to just one post per week. That way, have plenty of time to plan/generate content and it’s kind of like a weekly column, a la Carrie. I’ve also noticed that the inspiration behind what I want to write has shifted. Something as simple as a quote on the TV, an online article or a chat with friends has sparked a different kind of creativity, one that has taken me into more real life topics and sharing my perspective on them. And you know what? I’m here for it.

So I finally, I feel I have found a kind of niche that fits – a weekly chat about a topic on which I have experience, those around me have experience and that (hopefully) has an element of relate-ability and usefulness to those who choose to read it. Just like Carrie.

Does that make me East Yorkshire’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw? Nope. She her her niche, and I have mine. Both great, both valid, but never likely to meet over a cosmo.

Thanks for reading,

J xx


I went to Gibraltar for the first time in June. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it’s a lovely place and wanted to share my experiences. One thing I didn’t expect was for the border to be right across the airport runway. So, if you’re crossing on foot, you walk right across the landing strip, which means that the border has to be closed every time a plane takes off or lands. Quite random really!

I went on a day trip during my holiday in #marbella (see my Marbs travel diary post here) it’s a little over an hour away by coach so it kind of seemed rude not to, and was intrigued as to how British culture was interpreted. For me it felt as if it was very “Spanglish” a real mix of people with broad British accents telling you they had change for a tenner, Spanish workers that worked in the city, and those who switched between the two languages at will mid ugh they accept GBP and euros, they also have their own currency which is only legal tender in Gibraltar which was a it awkward when Mama Alice went to the cash machine executing pounds as it meant we to spend it all before we left.

There are some very distinct British touches throughout the city though- like red phoneboxes, traffic list and crossings.

You have to visit the rope of the rock – since it dominates the whole landscape,my oh can’t not go really! Tickets cost about  £11 each which included our cable car ride to the top, wandering around the main part of rock and 3hrs wifi connection (which is superb, but the way). As you can see, the views are stunning. I you were staying here for a full mown holiday, there are some great looking hotels built into the dockside, inch will give you similar views over the city.

And of course, there’s the monkeys. I was a bit nervous to be around them as I’d heard that they will steal things from you and can sometimes event pull your clothe so/hair, but they seemed pretty chilled. Quite a lot of people were getting really in their faces and trying to,pose for selfies with them which seemed a bit much and I’m shocked that they put up with it. We made sure we kept a decent distance and didn’t make sudden movements or take too many photos of them which seemed to work well. They go everywhere though – inside the cafe, on top of the cable car wires, in the back of the van delivering confectionary…we we also lucky enough to see this beautiful little monkey family, mummy was feeding her teeny baby while daddy looked on all proud (people were even going for selfies with them too and they didn’t appear to get angry once)one thing that Gib has in common with its Spanish neighbours is a super stylish harbour area to eat, drink and play. It even says so on the sign! It’s a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon chilling out. 

Mama Alice warned me that the shopping here was a bit rubbish before we arrived, however I disagree. The high street has pretty much all of the key UK stores I’d normally go to (though smaller they still carried pretty much all of the same stock) coupled win the fab perfume and electrical stores that used to be everywhere when you went on holiday but now seem to have sunk without a trace. They even have a little M&S food tucked in the back of their reasonably sized branch!

There were a few touristy bits that we didn’t quite get to, such as the botanical gardens and the caves, but it’s a lovely place to visit and you should definitely go if you’re in close enou proximity to do so. I think I could spend a weekend here chilling out but would probably struggle to have enough to do on a full blown holiday without travelling into Spain.

Be sure to share any other #gibraltar sights and delights with me that I may have missed!

Stay stylish, 

J 😘xx

FASHION/ #HowIWearMyLove

Last year I was lucky enough to win a competition with one of my fave brands, ILWF, to receive a piece of clothing every month for a year. How exciting! Sadly, that year is over, but I wanted to share with you the pieces I picked and how I wore them (along with some of the memories!)

Baby(doll) Love

Worn on holiday August 2014 in Turkey for a delicious romantic meal out with Mr Alice 

A Floral Frock for a Solstice Birthday Gurl

Worn on my Birthday night out with the girls. The DJ wouldn’t play my birthday song at midnight (50 Cent In Da Club)

 J-Lo? Try J-Bar!

Swishy and fab! Also came with me to Turkey and out on a slightly tipsy night, the locals were shouting “oh my god, it’s Jennifer Lopez!” As I strutted (stumbled) through the streets of Kusadasi. Maybe they were drunker?!

 Jumpin’ Jumpin’

One of my fave A/W looks of last year. The cream phone boxes are something of a Hull phenomenon, we dance to the beat of our own drum here! This look was selected as an Editor’s Pick on Femail’s Today I’m Wearing.

Top of the Crops

I felt like I was channelling my fave Clueless in this crop top! I also bought the matching skater skirt, gorgeous texture and quality.

Wrap it Uuuup

This pic was taken by the lovely people at Hull Daily Mail when I featured in an article back in October (along with my #HullBloggers girly Charley). I was trying to be a pro and ignore the builders staring at me! You can shop the new season lilac version Here

Check it Out

This was the look I wore to the #HullBloggers event in December, my favourite festive event aside from Christmas. So lucky to have made friends in these lovely girls.

Wrap it up Some More!

Haven’t we sent this before? Yup, I liked it so much I had to get an A/W version. This look was also selected by Femail’s Today I’m Wearing as an Editor’s Pick. This dress is still in stock, click Here to buy!

Grey ‘n Glam

This jumpsuit is sooo flattering and chic whilst being really comfy, a real holy grail! It’s still available to buy Here

You’re Making Me Blush

I wore this for an Easter Day out with Mr Alice along the #hull Marina. It was perfect because the sun was shining but it was still a bit chilly so the long sleeves and high neck kept the chill out, but the crepe material meant I wasn’t too warm. It can be bought with a matching skirt and in a few different colours, but this gorgeous shade is still available Here


Play Time

Worn for a recent day out with the girls shopping and blogging. Gorgeous colour for the summer and the material feels really luxurious and chiffon 


All of these items have featured in their own blog posts between June and April if you want to read them, and most ILWF pieces can be bought in Top Shop and ASOS too. I still have one piece left to style and wear but o. Saving that for my trip to Vegas so keep you eye out for it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I wear my Love, how do you wear yours?

Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx