FASHION/ #HowIWearMyLove

Last year I was lucky enough to win a competition with one of my fave brands, ILWF, to receive a piece of clothing every month for a year. How exciting! Sadly, that year is over, but I wanted to share with you the pieces I picked and how I wore them (along with some of the memories!)

Baby(doll) Love

Worn on holiday August 2014 in Turkey for a delicious romantic meal out with Mr Alice 

A Floral Frock for a Solstice Birthday Gurl

Worn on my Birthday night out with the girls. The DJ wouldn’t play my birthday song at midnight (50 Cent In Da Club)

 J-Lo? Try J-Bar!

Swishy and fab! Also came with me to Turkey and out on a slightly tipsy night, the locals were shouting “oh my god, it’s Jennifer Lopez!” As I strutted (stumbled) through the streets of Kusadasi. Maybe they were drunker?!

 Jumpin’ Jumpin’

One of my fave A/W looks of last year. The cream phone boxes are something of a Hull phenomenon, we dance to the beat of our own drum here! This look was selected as an Editor’s Pick on Femail’s Today I’m Wearing.

Top of the Crops

I felt like I was channelling my fave Clueless in this crop top! I also bought the matching skater skirt, gorgeous texture and quality.

Wrap it Uuuup

This pic was taken by the lovely people at Hull Daily Mail when I featured in an article back in October (along with my #HullBloggers girly Charley). I was trying to be a pro and ignore the builders staring at me! You can shop the new season lilac version Here

Check it Out

This was the look I wore to the #HullBloggers event in December, my favourite festive event aside from Christmas. So lucky to have made friends in these lovely girls.

Wrap it up Some More!

Haven’t we sent this before? Yup, I liked it so much I had to get an A/W version. This look was also selected by Femail’s Today I’m Wearing as an Editor’s Pick. This dress is still in stock, click Here to buy!

Grey ‘n Glam

This jumpsuit is sooo flattering and chic whilst being really comfy, a real holy grail! It’s still available to buy Here

You’re Making Me Blush

I wore this for an Easter Day out with Mr Alice along the #hull Marina. It was perfect because the sun was shining but it was still a bit chilly so the long sleeves and high neck kept the chill out, but the crepe material meant I wasn’t too warm. It can be bought with a matching skirt and in a few different colours, but this gorgeous shade is still available Here


Play Time

Worn for a recent day out with the girls shopping and blogging. Gorgeous colour for the summer and the material feels really luxurious and chiffon 


All of these items have featured in their own blog posts between June and April if you want to read them, and most ILWF pieces can be bought in Top Shop and ASOS too. I still have one piece left to style and wear but o. Saving that for my trip to Vegas so keep you eye out for it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I wear my Love, how do you wear yours?

Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx

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