FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 8

Even though the sparkle of the festive season is well and truly over, I thought I’d keep a bit of glitter alive in this week’s header…glamour is for life, not just for Christmas dontcha know!

There have been a few cheeky outfits that caught my eye this past week, but these three were the ones that stood out most…

Vicky Pattison

Dress, House of CB

Yes Vicky pet! I ADORE this colour and the cut of the dress makemit one of those pieces you could keep in your wardrobe for years and pop out whenever you have an event that you want to feel sassy and special in. I feel like we all need that kinda frock in our lives.

Lily Melrose (image: @llymlrs) Hat, Topshop / Jumper, Boohoo /Skirt, Motel Rocks / Boots, similar here

One of my faves has had a super strong start to the year in the fashion front! The simple colour print mixed with the different textures and print are exactly what I’m about at the moment, I love experimenting with making leopard print more understated and also in place of a kind of colour pop I guess (or sometimes with, leopard print and a red lip are a pretty failsafe combo in my eyes)

Caroline Flack Dress, Zara

To fully appreciate the cuteness of this outfit, you probably have the ignore the sacks of dog poo bags and the dog lead…she’s just keeping it real I guess! I’m definitely embracing the coloured leopard print that’s everywhere a the moment too, which is something you will be seeing from me in an upcoming post (hint: if you’ve checked out my Instagram feed lately, you may know what I’m talking about).

So that’s me for another week, as I type I have a face fully of nourishing green mud and am planning some future content – as well as more fashion (yay!) there will some semi-regular beauty stuff, (hopefully) some travel and some more lifestyle/adulting posts that I hope will help others taking those steps in life now. If this anything else you think would make an interesting post feel free to shout out in the comments or get in touch on social media.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 16 – weekly fashion faves, 7

Apparently I was right last week; there’s a lot more ‘normal dressy’ this year than straight up festive dressing. I’m not mad at it, there’s still great style to appreciate and I’m not at all mad at it!

Kimberley Walsh

I seem to be a bit obsessed with red suits at the moment, I think I may need to buy one! The fact that it’s so well fitted and kept very simply is what make Kimba stand out, she looks great and all kinds of festive. It would’ve been so much more poetic if her outfit was by New Look, given the fan that’s photobombed the backdrop!

Tanya Burr

Festive frock meets senorita; didn’t know this combo existed but I’m for it when the results look like this! If I’m home, I don’t usually think much to Tanya’s red carpet looks as she usually goes more for high fashion that a flattering silhouette, I admire that she’s willing to take the risk but it’s nice to see something like this that just looks elegant and pretty too. Also, digging that blonde hair thang she’s got going on.

Kiera Knightly

If you can’t make a statement when collecting an OBE to ensure all eyes are in you, then I don’t know what the world is coming to quite frankly. Also – if you’re the face of Chanel, of course they’re gonna hook you up during one of life’s most memorable events. This is classic, flattering and quirky all at once, aka every single fashion button I’d ever want to hit.

Jesy Nelson

Dayum Jesy, it may be cold outside but it’s sure hot wherever you are! I adore looks like this that are casual but sexy AF, definitely a vibe I’d like to be brave enough to experiment more with in future.

See you tomorrow,

J xx

BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 9 – weekly fashion faves, 6

So, I’ve noticed two things about fashion this week:

1- Not a lot of people are embracing what I’d call ‘festive fashion’ this year – flutter, sequins, velvet. Not a criticism, merely an observation.

2- I’m gravitating towards black and print more than ever before.

There’s a definitely vibe to the outfits I’m appreciating this week, and they mostly fall into point number 2!

Meghan Markle

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say her name now or if she should always be known as the Duchess of Sussex? Either way, I am living for her look in this Pic! It’s elegant yet powerful and also pretty darn sexy all at once, the silhouette is on point and her hair is tied back just enough. I want this whole entire look for myself right now please.

Holly Willoughby Top, Marks and Spencer / Jeans, Marks and Spencer / Boots, Marks and Spencer / Bag, Marks and Spencer

Side note: I’ve heard HW’s earnings have rocketed now that she’s covering up her boobs more…erm, why is this even a news story?? Anyway…

As soon as I saw this pic on Instagram, I thought it myself “this is exactly my kind of outfit” I live in my ankle length black skinny jeans, I adore print and am a fan of a decent ankle boot. I’m picking this top (and maybe the bag, is that allowed right before Christmas?) before it goes out of stock, it could be the perfect dressy-cas vibe for the big day in my eyes.

Kate Wright Trousers, Zara / Top, similar here.

I liked this look so much that I channeled something very similar when I went out earlier – my trousers are leopard print, my top knot looked far more messy and my nose is treating from the end of a hideous cold that I can’t quite shake off, but still!

Lily Melrose (image: @llymlrs) Skirt, Topshop (similar here)

I think this outfit has a kinda festive vibe to it, it’s green and satiny, but it’s still very true to Lily’s aesthetic (which as you know I’m a massive fan of) so I think it melds the two together rather nicely. This skirt can easily be dressed up with different footwear and top half for an evening look too, so it would be a great buy *doesn’t think about this justification as adding it to card on the Topshop website*

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow,

J xx

FASHION / Weekly fashion faves, 2

Another week of people slaying that fashion game! Here are the looks I’ve been crushing on this week:

Amber Davis

Dress, PLT / Boots, PLT / Jacket, PLT

Amber’s outfit strikes a really nice balance between on trend, cool and demure but with a very seasonal palette. All of the pieces are made of really comfy material but look really nice and put together. So easy and so fab.

Frankie Bridge and Mollie King

Frankie: Shirt, similar here / Jeans, similar here.

Mollie: Top, Rixo / Jeans, similar here.

I really like these Frollie looks as they represent both sides of my jeans-wearing style – double denim, slightly more dressed down and a bit more glammed up day to night. I love a good washed black, I love leopard and I love coated jeans – they’re staples for every wardrobe that can work for so many occasions.

Lily Melrose

(Image: @whatlilywears)

Jacket, Topshop / Top, ASOS / Jeans, River Island / Sunglasses, Quay / Hat, ASOS

To be honest, I probably could’ve done a whole post this week just on Lily’s outfits, there have been some corkers on both of her Instagram feeds this week. This girl will skint me before the year is out! I adore the print clash on this one so much, wondering if I could be grave enough to pull off double animal print in the future?

Abbie Holborn

Suit, Miss G Couture / Lace bodysuit, similar here / Belt, Gucci

This outfit is giving me all kinds of fierce power dressing vibes – very powerful and classy yet very sexy. I would love to grave enough for this one day.


(Image: @beyonce)

Coat, similar here / Suit, similar blazer and trousers here.

From sexy suit to straight up fierce, yasss Bey! I’m not sure where she was going but I guarantee she turned heads in this outfit when she got there. If you like the coat then you’ll love the one I’ve linked, it’s a near perfect match courtesy of the great British high street. You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 1

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and welcome to (what I very much intend to be) a new weekly series on my blog – weekly fashion 5.

This has kind of been inspired by the weekly celeb style round up I used to do when I first started off, which I miss, but these days my style inspo comes from more places – my friends, family and fellow bloggers to name a few. Every week I’m going to share my favourite looks, why I like them and any links to help you get the same look. Enjoy!

Lily Melrose

(image: @llymlrs)

I’m already pre-empting that Lily will feature in this series often, given that most of my wardrobe is made of things I’ve seen her wear! I bought this dress ages ago and it would’ve looked really lovely if it would’ve covered my boobs, I know it’s meant to show cleavage but on me it was indecent. Sob. I can vouch for this jacket though – super cool, great fit and just £35. The only thing I’ll never be able to buy is her awesomeness.

Jacket, ASOS / Dress, New Look / Boots, similar here.

Mollie King

Mollie’s look lives in a category I’m calling ‘Autumn AF’ – beautiful textures and simple tones but it looks all kinds of cute and well put together. There’s something about black faux leather/coated trousers that elevate an ordinary look into something a bit extra, it’s one of my fave A/W style statements.

Jacket, similar here / Coated jeans, similar here.

Holly Willoughby

Ah – this is the sort of super casual I used to wear before I gained weight that’s just perfect for daytime. I wish I still felt this confident, but hey. I’m all about the scarf being such a standout next to the all- black look, but still contrasts nicely with the khaki knit underneath. Yasss Hol!

Scarf, Zara / Jeans, similar here / Trainers, Nike.

Violet Glenton

(image: @violetglenton)

This lovely girl literally has no idea how much of inspiration and confidence booster she is to those around her, and to top it all off she throws a pretty nice outfit together too! I’m really enjoying the colour pop knit trend that’s coming through at the moment, definitely one I’m going to be jumping on myself. This’ll go great with some coated/faux fur trousers a la Mollie.

Jumper, Pretty Little Thing / Hat, similar here.

hope you enjoyed this new segment, see you next week

Thanks for reading,

J xx

LIFESTYLE/ 20 years since Sex and the City: how relevant is it today?

I first saw Sex and the City when I was about 18, and last year I made a pilgrimage to Carrie Bradshaw’s famous stoop whilst on holiday in New York City. Even at the age of 34, 16 years later, I was beyond excited to pay it a visit.

Although I’m asking this question as a die-hard SATC fan, I can’t help but wonder (see what I did there?) if asking this next question out loud makes me a bit judgey/traitor-ish, or merely philosophical. If women of this generation watched the show, how much of it would resonate in the context of today’s society?

Blooming heck; I feeling the English graduate in me coming out a bit here! BUT; this isn’t an academic essay applying any kind of critical theory, promise! I’m merely going to chat about some key quotes from the show and see if they’re still a thing. K? Let’s do this….

This is DEFINITELY still a thing, it’s sooooo a thing! We see this assertion from men all the time – If a woman has a alternative opinion, she’s a bitch. Not simping over a man? Bitch. If women don’t act in accordance with male expectation, they’re usually referred to as either a bitch or “on the blob”. Because it couldn’t possibly be their problem could it? Don’t be silly.

This is one that should still be relevant but that women of today struggle to accept because of social media. We all see the perfect girls on IG (our own Natasha’s, if you will) and feel just a little bit inadequate that we don’t seem to be nailing life like they are. Sometimes they can’t either, we just don’t see that, but there’s a definite movement to raise up womankind and celebrate “imperfections” (or as I call them “what you look like irl”) which will hopefully get society back to a more Carrie frame of mind.

Social media is definitely responsible for making this more of a problem than ever before! How many times have you thought “I can’t wear that, I’ve been seen wearing it on IG” because I’ve thought this A LOT over the past 10 years of being on social media! That’s probably why I’ve had a borderline online shopping obsession and constantly have suitcases full of clothes to sell or donate. Thanks to celebs like Kate Middleton it’s becoming more acceptable to ‘shop in your own closet’ again and re-wear items (though if I was paying as much as she does for a frock, I’d be wearing it multiple times too) and I’ve noticed a few recent YouTube styling videos based on pieces people already own, so I think one is going to make a brief u-turn…before we go back to the same old dilemma. Sometimes we just can’t resist the lure of a ‘New In’ section!

Men; mocking the things they do not understand and cannot appreciate since the dawn of time. Fortunately, fashion is subjective and it doesn’t matter. That being said I do have times where I dress because I’d like the Mr to think I look nice, but primarily I dress for me. Oh, and for the approval of other women.

This quote has two current meanings attached for me. The first is the currently trendy “I don’t want to be around other humans, I’m gonna stay in and communicate using only the mediums of reality tv and food delivery apps” which is kinda cute and not entirely concerning. However, I’m present day society a statement like this could also be symptomatic isolating oneself due to their mental health, which is troubling. It’s fine to have time out for yourself, but don’t feel as if you have to be alone because you think you’re a burden or that nobody will care. They do, promise. We should all make sure we have each other’s backs as much as possible.

She’s not wrong – we should all have the guts to channel a little of Samantha’s confidence! I’ve always been a firm believer that what you wear on the outside can have a huge impact on how you feel inside, which will the help to improve you state of mind – so pull on your favourite outfit, take a look in the mirror and think “yass queen” before strutting out of the house to show the world who’s boss.

Although everything in this post is still pretty relevant, I’m very aware that there are things I haven’t mentioned that would raise more eyebrows today than perhaps they did back then – casual racism (remember when Samantha dated the black music producer and the rich guy with an Asian maid) the portrayal of ethnic minorities in lesser skilled roles (with Lucy Liu’s cameo as the only notable exception) are just a couple of examples. However, I believe that the overall vibe of female empowerment and independence most definitely sits well within the current issues facing women in society.

So what do you think; am I right or wrong? Which episode still resonates the most with you and why? Don’t leave a gal hanging; shout me out in comments below!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

Celeb style round up

I can’t believe I’m finally doing one of these posts again, the last was this one in September 2015! Mainly because there hasn’t been enough celeb style each week to excite me like there used to be. But this week I’ve put together my four fave #celebstyle looks and how to get your hands on a similar look. Check it out

Laura Whitmore 

Still one of my top style muses! I really like pairing something uber girly with something a little more edgy for a cool look, and a sequin bomber is a great change of pace from a biker jacket. I already have two at home I’m obsessed with.

Steal Laura’s style 

Slip dress Topshop/ Gold sequin bomber jacket Mango/ Chunky black ankle boots EGO

Kourtney Kardsahian 

Although I’ve mostly enjoyed her style before, Kourt has really turned up the edge on her outfits since becoming single…get it gurl! I’ve wanted boots in this colour for soooo long and I definitely don’t think I’ll be able to resist buying them much longer now.

Get Kourt’s look 

T-shirt dress Misguided/ Navy velvet over the knee boots Public Desire

Gemma Arterton 

I like this look because it’s just really easy and casual but look so damn cool. Coincidentally, I just bought myself a new leopard print coat this weekend, because clearly one isn’t quite enough. They’re different shades and style though, so I can totally justify it. I’ve got some really similar tops/jeans in my wardrobe already so don’t be suprised if you see a future #ootd post that’s a blatant copy of Gem!

Work Gemma’s quirky look 

Leopard print coat New Look*/ Fringed blue jeans River Island/ Striped polo neck New Look

*at time of writing this coat is reduced by a massive 50%. Would it be wrong to but this too and have 3??

Mollie King 

Yes Mollie King, yes! Another gal who never disappoints me with her fash choices, I am really digging the textures and colours of this outfit. Khaki is definitely a massive part of my wardrobe at the minute. It’s difficult to find a pinafore li,e Mollie’s that’s affordable and doesn’t look like a bit tacky with the fabric used, so I’ve found a suede version that looks cool without that worry.

Get Mollie’s sass 

Suede pinafore Missy Empire/ Green roll neck bodysuit Boohoo/ Ankle boots M and M Direct

Hope you enjoyed my return to celeb style, and hopefully I’ll be able to do them more regularly again! Hope you all have a great #halloween whatever you’re doing.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

FASHION / Celeb Style round up 

Another fab week of style – it’s definitely making me think about upping my game when I travel and for nights out during the winter months!

 The jacket maketh the sass I’m all over duster jackets for adding a little something extra to a simple look, especially in a fabulously autumnal shade like Selena and Mollie have gone for. Both colours I have my beady eyes on! Lately I’ve found Boohoo really great for duster coats and jackets as they have a massive selection of colours, styles and fabrics (my face being crepe or super thin scuba)

 Disco denim dream  
  Funk it ‘uuuuuuup Kendall! Such a fab way to embrace the 70s trend in a more cool and subtle way, pairing it with tan/black accessories keeps it really classic feeling. Cute touch with the Pom Pom too! #ASOS have some great jumpsuits to take on this trend here and here and here. You could also get a similar look with denim separates if a jumpsuit isn’t for you 

 Girls night out*(just a little aside- my brother in law was in the recent film Girls Night Out. Just thought I’d share) 

Two completely different #ootn vibes but I’m equally crushing on both and totally want something similar in my wardrobe. Sadly for me Georgia’s Lavish Alice checked number seems to unavailable…sob! Alex’ #Balmain blazer dress is available, but still sadly I can’t afford the price tag . However I’ve found a version by South Avenue that’s much easier on my bank balance.

A week of awards and fashion week glam

  I’m VERY excited about this orangey/mustardy colour for A/W! January has styled it in a more summery way as she’s in sunny LA, but this will also look great with black or tan for chillier weather…I’m sure I’ll be proving this to you in a future post as I’m in the throes of purchasing some dresses in a similar colour!

Rochelle looks hot. Like, HOOOOOOOTTTTTTT. This Julian Macdonald is a damn fine creation and looks amazing. Perfect choice of nude #louboutin court shoes to finish off. I salute you ‘Chelle!

Hope you enjoyed the round up- don’t forget to also catch up with the rest of the week’s posts FASHION/ LOTD and BEAUTY/ Benefit Air Patrol.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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FASHION/ Celeb Style Round Up

I’m so glad I was right last week when I predicted Fashion Week month would throw up some ultra fab #celebstyle – so far I’ve been beside myself with #NYFW and #LFW is looking pretty spectacular already. 

NYC be Jumpin’  

Serious – how HOT HAWT HAUTE are these women though?!?! The perfect combo over covered in with a hint of boob, and I’d forgotten how much I adored navy for this time of year. I’m definitely pining to go back to NYC now…steal Kloe’s style in this beaut Top Shop number.

 Dark, but not Moody 

That said, these gals do look a little bit moody! I think it’s more of a “we’re looking good and we damn well know it” face actually. I adore a bit of classic Fashion Week black (hence why I did head to toe black at the last LFW). Awesome looks ladies!

 Wrapping up for Aurumn 
It’s time for transitional dressing…but since the weather has been ridiculous lately it’s either a dark palette of summer cool a la Mollie, or button up cosy like Mylene. I’d totally wear both of these – this Quiz blazer will help any sassy black look pop like Ms King, Mylene’s cape is from her own #Littlewoods collection here.

Working that FRow 

Ridiculously simple yet chic and beautiful looks from these former #towie beauties, absolutely perfect for #LFW great muted tones and shapes of each piece. ADORE. I’ve found a great copy of Sam’s dress by Boohoo and these culottes by Pretty Little Thing  (which I own; stay tuned for a potential rip off look) will help replicate Lucy’s outfit.

 Jenner Watch  
 What’s fashion week without one now right? Kylie just had fun with fashion and will try everything which is the part of style that I enjoy most. In one week she’s done ghetto-preppy with those fabulous Gold Nike Air Max, cute lil white skater and cheeky cut out top complete with exposed bra. Moving on to sexy-ethereal mermaid (which can be created using the cute Boohoo coord) and finishing with ultra chic all black black cool n oversized Vera Wang…boom.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to catch up with my latest style post here as well.

Stay Stylish

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FASHION/ Celeb Style Round Up

It’s baaaaaaaack! Who’s missed having a cheeky bit of #celebstyle to read over Sunday brekkie? I definitely have, but honestly the celeb looks I’ve liked have been far too spaced out to consider them a weekly thing. The start of Fasion Week month better change this! 

I’m still doing things a bit differently with this one- I’ve decided to focus on one fashionista who I’ve been enjoying this week…

Daaaaaaaaammmmmmn Mollie King  

All monochrome (pretty much) all super easy to wear, all over it! THE perfect travel outfit for being comfy and looking cool, but as she’s in Vegas in this pic I’m willing to bet she was boiling in that jacket! 

Get the look- Jeans *exact match* Oasis/ T-shirt Top Shop/ Jacket New Look at ASOS

For me, this look is youthful class meets sass with a lil boom boom POW! Even though the dress is super short it’s covered in, and because of the thigh high boots (which as you’ll know, I’m obsessed with) she’s not flashing boob and leg. Smouldering.

Get the look – Dress *exact match* Finders Keepers/ Boots Nostalgia by In The Style
Completely simple yet chic; its kind of a take on the airport look but the shirt and heels create a new dimension of interest. This is the perfect outfit to wear for a relaxed dinner and cocktails, and one I’m totally going to be ripping off very soon!

Get the look- Shirt Lipsy/ Jeans Top Shop/ Shoes Ego

Don’t forget to catch up with my style posts from this week – Checked shirt dress ‘n thigh highs and Autumn sass

Stay Stylish
J 😘xx

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