FASHION & BEAUTY/ Post birthday haul (2017)

It was my birthday recently (you can check out my ‘what I got for my birthday’ post if you fancy) so I decided to treat myself to a few extra things with some money I was lucky enough to get (as well as some of my own). I did a post like this last year (which is here if you fancy a nosey) and enjoyed it, it seems to get very spend happy at this of year like clockwork!


Sand wash cotton joggers, Topshop

I got these because I liked how they were styled on the website and thought they looked comfy for travelling (I’m heading off on holiday in a few weeks). For once my dithering over hitting the check out button paid off; not only were they still in stock but half price in the mid season sale, yippee!

Slogan tee, ASOS

I thought this would serve as a good reminder for me. Simple as that.

Bronze aviator sunglasses, Noughts and Kisses

I tend to stay away from blogger collaborations with brands usually. There’s nothing wrong with them at all, quite the opposite in fact, I just feel a bit weird about buying the products. Not really sure why! Anyway…what I am a sucker for is a good pair of shades, and this pair are so extra that I I had to get them. The lens are mirrored, though you can see your eyes through them a little. They’ve been perfect for driving in are some of the strongest protects in sunnies I’ve ever had (thankfully Yorkshire has had the right weather for me to test them out in)

Sports bottle, In The Style 
I’ve gone for ages without a proper bottle for the gym; this slogan is a quote in Scary Movie which was one of my teen faves, so I thought it’d make me chuckle every time I use it. I also bought a ‘few’ more things from ITS, but I plan to feature them in another post in the the not too distant future.


CK One, Boots 

Can I get a REWIND over here?? Yassss! I’ve recently been wearing one of my old teen favourites, Tommy Girl, quite a bit which made me think that getting some more scents that reminded of a more carefree period in my life. At under £30 for this mahoosive bottle it’s still really affordable and doing the trick quite nicely.

Benefit mini mix and match pack, Boots 

This is another REWIND for me – Benefit was the first non-drugstore brand I ever bought and the only one I used for quite a long time. My favourites were the That Gal primer, BADgal mascara and BADgal eyeliner which I’ve been thinking about repurchasing for a little while now. These miniature versions are the perfect way for me to work them back into my makeup collection to see if I still like them, as well as try out POREfessional which I’ve heard good things about. At £20 for the four it’s a pretty decent price to have decent sized samples to give each product a really good try, and this handy travel bag came free. I’m still testing them out (I’d forgotten how tricky I found kohl liner) and will report if I decide to pick up any full sized versions.

Sleepy body lotion, Lush 


This was a pure impulse buy – a new store has opened up in #Hull so I popped in for a mooch and saw this. I’m always looking for things to help me sleep better and the smell of the cocoa butter combined with the lavender was unexpectedly delightful. Again, still trying this out so will keep you posted if it’s a keeper.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar purifying clay mask and Effaclar duo imperfections corrector with SPF30

I’ve had some pretty terrible breakouts in recent months, and I saw these recommended on YouTube so thought I’d get them to try. I’ve used them once so far and they’ve made my skin feel really nice, but time will tell if they work well for me.

I’ve got a few posts up my sleeve for the coming weeks – fashion, fitness, food and travel related – so I hope to be able to share these soon.

Thanks for reading! Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

FESTIVE/ Alternative sweet treats for Easter

I like chocolate. A LOT. Sadly for me, if I eat too much it affects my skin and waistline which makes me unhappy. So for those like me who are looking for #easter themed goodies this year away from the traditional egg, I have a couple of suggestions for you. Read on…

Bluebird Tea co Easter themed teas

This year I’m doin Tea-ster! 

Don’t want to eat Easter treats? Drinking them could be the next best alternative. I was introduced to Bluebird last year and enjoyed trying some of their festive products, so have been egg-cited (sorry!) to try these. 

They smell uh-may-zing! Uber chocolatey and wonderful warming spices just make you feel sooooo good. It’s also nice to have a flavoured tea that can be enjoyed with or without milk, like your regular brew with a difference.

I got the regular packaging, but if you’re really committing there’s some fab themed gifts to pick up – think tea wrapped in carrots and Easter eggs (a bit like Lush, they really commit to the season with the packaging). 

Palmolive Gourmet chocolate shower cream

I’ve been using this for a few months, and it’s rich scent reminds me of a really chocolate-y milkshake. You’d think that may make you feel hungry or crave chocolate, but for me I find it kinda soothing. 

In the same range you can also pick up strawberry, vanilla or mint too. Not egg-actly (again, sorry!) Easter themed but they will be amazing to smell during the summer.

I hope these suggestions help some of you out in seeking some #april treats! If you try any of these or have any other suggestions for me I’d really like to hear them.

Thanks for reading, Stay stylish (and craving choccy a bit less)

J 😘xx

FASHION & LIFESTYLE/ Treats to make a gal happy


                                               This is NOT a Valentine’s Day post

There are 365 days of a year to show a girl that you love her and you think she’s special. In fact, this year there are 366 – that’s a great excuse to pick another day to be spoilt “just because” in my book!

Being spoilt for me usually involves one of two things – relaxing, or pretty things. This gorgeously simple bracelet from the Joshua James collection is perfect for wearing anywhere at any time,the infinity charm adds that little romantic touch “we will be together for infinity” and all that.

I really enjoy a great smelling candle to help me feel a bit more relaxed at the end of a busy week. This Harper’s scent has been my fave over the winter as it smells of red wine and warmness (I got Mama Alice the Pomander and Cherry Bakewell scents for Christmas). I’ll be checking out the new season range really soon.

Infinity bracelet Joshua James*\ Candle Harper’s Bizarre

Check out the rest of the Joshua James collection and let me know which is your fave, and share any tips for new candle scents I should try.

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx