FASHION/ Christmas Eve Shenanigans

Merry #ChristmasEve all! Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves and gearing up for the big man to arrive very soon….

Just thought I’d do a super quick post to share my #ootd which was spent running around like a mad lady picking up my final gifts (they were delayed, that’s not annoying at all) and a buffet with the in laws and my baby nephew. Chilled out, full of family, food and giggles, the Curious Alice ethos right there i’d say!



Mr Alice knows I’ve struggled to embrace the festive spirit this year, so he thought this Bah Humpug tee was the perfect early Christmas gift as he also knows I have a huge soft spot for cute doggies! Bless him. The boots are my new obsession, and I’m certain there’ll be a regular fixture on my style posts in the foreseeable.

Tee- Christmas present, so I’m not allowed to know apparently!
Jeans – Top Shop
Boots – Public Desire

Hope you like my outfit! I don’t tend to do too many social media posts throughout the day on the main days, but I’ll certainly be doing some more #ootd posts and possible a festive post or two as well. Hopefully you’ll have time to sneak a peek when you have that little bit of downtime between family and food.

Until then, have a wonderful festive week, I hope it’s everything you all want and deserve!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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