FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Rounding the week off with some non awards show style picks

Think Pink


I really like these pink ensembles because they have a great combination of textures and shapes. Props in particular to my girl J-Lo who’s managed to pull off wearing silk trousers and not got them creased as she’s walking/sitting…I’ve seen other celebs fail at doing that this week *cough, Ciara*
Kesha looks hammered, but she’s also dressed in one of the best/most normal looks I’ve ever seen her in so deserves a shout out! A duster coat has the ability to feel a little bit glam whilst being comfy I think, usually because of their slinky feeling material when they’re like this. I own this one by Boohoo which comes in a gorgeous nude/blush colour similar to Kesha’s
Jennifer’s look – I just feel the need to point out that style is DEFINITELY in the name, obviously – is more funky and fashion forward in the geo print with the cute ankle boots. Great fit to her bangin body too…..jealous, me? Er, yeah!



A fabulous alternative to the LBD, if you’re not clumsy and prone to spills like me! This could totally be standout as much as any colour and look HAWT.
I’m a long time Louise Roe fan, her Instagram is totally my aspiration and she’s such a classy gal! This dress is gorgeous on her, and those shoes….I can’t even…I’ve seen a similar dress in Missguided that has a few of the sheer panels and is a great bargain
I can’t believe that Katie got stick for this outfit, just because she copied it from the runway. Let’s just flip that on its head for a minute – she’s hot enough to be able to not only rock the exact look, but she looks amazing in it! It’s a very accessible look that a lot of girls could wear, I definitely want to.
I’m a fan of a good slogan tee and a cute t shirt dress which you’ll probably know from some of my previous posts, so I was always gonna like Miley’s outfit. It’s as accessible as Katie’s (and Louise’s) but in a totally different way. PLT have this really cute number at the moment, I think Miley would totally approve of the over the knee boots as a winter alternative (next on my boots list too perhaps?)

Jumpin’ Jumpin’


Three very different women wearing the black jumpsuit…and all killing it! I like Kendall’s casual take on it, the right style can definitely be dressed up or down (perhaps with a cheeky lil tee underneath in the chilly weather?). The pumps that she’s wearing are a style that I totally live in on my off duty days too…who’s keeping up with who now eh? Haha. These Top Shop beauties are really similar, and if you wear them as much as I wear mine they’ll work out even more bargainous
I get the feeling that this is a casual night out look for Gwyneth too, but she looks hot either way. Missguided have a nicely cut and simple jumpsuit that could give the same sort of look
Go Meryl! She’s gone for a great fit to show off her curves but kept it more covered up and (dare I say?) age appropriate. The only thing I’d change is the belt – something a little smaller/ simpler would’ve looked good. But I found a really nice version of this too, also from misguided

Kendall, Kendall, Kendall….


This from her latest Vogue shoot. She looks on point. I have nothing further to add.

B***h Stole my Look!


I see you Lopez – workin’ dat “I’m still Jenny from the block” vibe….well, this seems very similar to a casual look that I blogged back in September


Mine is more Primarni in Hull than Armarni in da Hood but still, I think this proves that us #fbloggers set the A-list style now….obviously she read the post and thought “hmmmm….” Obviously. In my dreams. She was also riding a unicorn I think. Top Shop do a similar pair of joggers and crop top

That’s it for now! I’ll be bringing you my style picks from the SAG awards next week, and hopefully some style if my own. Thanks for reading lovelies

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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