FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Depending on how you view it – this post is either a day late or 6 days early for my usual Sunday timing…

There’s Good Genes, and Those who Look Good in Jeans



Proof seen right here on lil Miss Kendall Jenner – it’s ok to live in your off duty uniform! Same jeans, shoes and shades (shot in different lights which makes the colours look a bit different in each shot). I’m obsessed with my ripped knee skinnies as part of my go to style right now, but nobody would deserve to see that much of my thigh flesh under so many rips though! But Miss Pap make a really similar version of Kenny’s at a great price here
Yup, Frankie and Sam’s subtle rips are what I usually strut the halls of uni wearing…and I’m kind of upset that my fave jeans come in yet another colour I have to try and resist…I also think khaki skinnies are what All Saints would wear if they reformed right now! Buy them here
Billie’s khaki look is soooo damn chic! Her ribbed high neck top is a little like this Top Shop number which I own in grey and wear to death

Walk Walk Fashion Baybeh



It’s nice to see some warmer tones in A/W, and there definitely ain’t nuthin’ mellow about this yellow! Solange really does embody that mantra of “the world is your runway” doesn’t she?
The Whitmore’s looking good as always – a great combo of quirky and chic. The colours/pattern aren’t scary to wear if you’re not used to that sort of thing either so anyone could try this sort of thing, maje props to Laura for pulling a double red lip with her lip AND bag. Triumph!
Mollie’s gorgeous brown mini would look amazing with a lovely mustard yellow, and it can be dressed up or down for the occasion or the weather. I’d definitely pair it with a cool slogan tee for cheeky evening drinks. River Island always do great faux leather skirts, this one is similar to Mollie’s

White Hawt Honeys



White can be fabulously angelic, chic, stylish yet look devilishly good it would seem…a lot of the ladies in this week’s round up are sorting fabulous pointed courts in various shades, and Boohoo have them in each colour for a complete steal here
My top props go to Amanda Holden this week, I’m obsessed with her looks in these pics from the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. She’s one of those women that’s looked after herself really well and gets better looking and more stylish with age, kind of like I hope I’m doing if I’m honest!

Some fabulous looks again this week, hope you enjoyed as well. On that note, I’m off to hit the virtual shops and give my not so virtual account a bit of a beating….

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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