FASHION/ Met Gala Style Picks (2015)

I’m a bit to late to this party but I stayed til the end! I did have a much longer list of styles I like this time yesterday, but I guess I’m fickle and didn’t like them as much when it came to actually posting them.

The Naked Dress   

What a battle of the divas this one is! This is definitely a trend we expect from J-Lo (fierce) kind of what we expect from Kim (when she’s not completely naked obviously) but Beyonce?? This is totally maverick for her, AND she’s the most naked of them all! I adore her dress, but I wish the ponytail would’ve been more back and centred as for me that would’ve looked a bit sleeker. And I really the flouncy feathers of Kim’s frock, really OTT a l a #MetGala should be 

Bit of Shimmer Shimmy

 I feel like I haven’t featured my fave Rosie on my #celebstyle picks for ages as she hasn’t been around…but wommph, here she is and lookin uh-may-zing to boot!

It’s all in the detail 


The Dame done good! She looks elegant and stylish (with just a hint of naked in showing her bra, naughty) yet in trend with those cut outs. I maybe would’ve lost those earrings but still gorgeous.

Who were your best dressed looks a this year’s #MetGala2015 ?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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