FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

The end of another week that takes us from May to June…that’s fifty shades of cray! Here’s which celebs I’m style crushing this week…

 All Kinds of Denim  

Denim denim denim…I’m all about a great dressy-cas denim look. I’m really digging dungarees at the minute, I’m currently on the hunt to find a great pair that won’t make my bum look extra massive and the. I’m sure I’ll be living in them for most of my summer down time. The difference between Caroline and Mollie’s looks show how versatile they can, I can’t even put Rihanna in as she’s marching to a beat all of her own! Mylene’s look is a great mix of the girly and the grungy/tough – this is like a holy grail of off duty for me, but I’d definitely lose the shirt round the waist as it wouldn’t do my shape any favours.

Get Caroline’s Look: Dungarees, Top Shop *exact match*/ Top, New Look / Shoes, Missguided

Get Mollie’s Look: Dungarees, Top Shop / Bralet, Top Shop *exact match* / Shoes, Public Desire

Get Rihanna’s Look: Jeans, Boohoo / Jacket, River Island Man / Pants, Puma

Get Mylene’s Look: Jacket, Mylene’s Klass for Littlewoods / Lace Top, Mylene Klass for Littlewoods

Them Knowles Sistas be Killin’ it     

I know I almost ALWAYS have Bey in here, but come on…how could I not right?!?! Solange is usually the more risky with her style but it’s not often I see her in something when I think ‘I’d wear that’ as she’s a lil far out for me! But this dress has a really nice shape and would be super flattering on most body types I think. 

Get Beyonce’s Looks- White Bodysuit, Pretty Little Thing / Pink Midi Skirt, Boohoo / Orange Dress, AX Paris / Turquoise Clutch, Lauren Pope for Accessoryo / Court Shoes, New Look

Get Solange’s Look- Dress, Boohoo / Shoes, Public Desire (I’ve just bought some really similar)

Too Glam to Give a Daaaaaaaamn  

This week’s BGT semi finals has been a real catwalk for ‘Manda and ‘Leesh, and they’ve both turned it uuuuuuup! These we just two of my fave outfits. Sam looks gorgeous and simple in this black number, kind of funny she’s gone understated since she was attending a drag queen event! Gorgeous girlies. Sadly I couldn’t find any style steals for these looks, but if you happen across any feel free to share.

That all for another week of style in celebville, hope you enjoyed the looks and my copies!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

One thought on “FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    ooh i love these! grungy denim is definitely here to stay 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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