FASHION/ Glamour Awards Style Picks (2015)

The Glamour Awards is definitely one of my favourite red carpets for spying some great looks. I wasn’t disappointed as so many people took fashion risks, even the boys (I’m talking to you, Dougie Poynter) I didn’t like all of them but I appreciate the effort as it makes things interesting when people push themselves! These are my faves 

Shimmering Beauties  

Aleesha’s has such a good week in general for style with the live #BGT shows and has been trying all sorts already! I adore this colour on her, and I really like the mixture of it being super demure in the cut but a bit cheeky with the peek-a-boo lace. 

Kate’s another one that’s had an awesome red carpet style season for me – this ess screams Glamour mag as its sleek, dramatic, well tailored and has really great movement with the pleat detail and shimmer fabric. Nice work ladies.

Ladies in Red



 Pregnancy style has never looked so fab! Adore this colour and style that Fearne is wearing, and I like that she’s keeping it current with the caged heels (I hope she was too uncomfortable in them bless her!). 

Rosie is just…well this is kinda what I expect- glam and elegant (but on trend with those delicate lace up heels) which is why she’s one of my fave style muses.

Oh heeeey Little Mix! Great set of very different looks drawn together in 1 colour, I don’t know if I could pick a favourite as they all work, I think if I was wearing them I’d be most likely to work Jesy’s look with the old Hollywood hair and classic lace. Salute! 

It’s always great when someone pulls off a really great trouser suit and makes it look both sharp and sexy…strut forward Lilah! This is why she’s my GIRL, she makes this simple outfit look totally fierce and glam…fabulous.

All in the Details



I’m very into lace up detailing on clothing and shoes at the minute and Ellie is the first person I’ve seen doing this for an awards ceremony, to be honest I don’t think this look would work better anywhere else as its too on trend. I really like how it creates a kind if gothic glam feel, nod that she’s kept her shoes really simple to balance (some would’ve gone for lace ups to match which I think may have been too much). Her hair looks great as well.

Tanya is flying the fash flag proudly for us #bloggers and #vloggers and I like her for standing out in a co Llewelyn different vibe from the rest of the attendees. Both the shape of the dress and quirky zebra details are really cute, super simple sandals keeps the focus where it should be. I’d definitely wear this, wanna lend it to me Tanya…pleeeeaaaase??

Who were your best dressed at the #GlamourAwards2015 ?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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