FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Happy Sunday to you all! For those of you in the UK today is #FathersDay but for me there’s something way more exciting….ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yup, I was born on the longest day of the year aka the Summer #Solstice. It’s also #PrinceWilliam ‘s birthday today (but he’s a year older than I am) so happly birthday to him as well. It’s not a landmark birthday but I’m still hoping for a few presents, yummy food and some fun with Mr Alice! Stay tuned to my social media accounts (find links to them here) for what I get up to, I’m sure there’ll also be some related posts next week. Like a fine wine I’m totally getting better with age…hehe

Anyway, on with the style…

Black ‘n White Fabulous    
You’ll know from previous #celebstyle posts that monochrome (and stripes in particular lately) are my fave! There’s some great pieces out there right now but Rochelle’s is the first I’ve seen that’s a less casual non-trouser look. It’s a great summer look, completed by her monochrome clad hubby! I’m always trying to instill the virtues of cohesive couples outfits to Mr Alice (he remains unconvinced but mostly goes with it for a quiet life). This dress is by Spotted in Celeb and would completely gorgeous for a cool night out as well as her super chic daytime style. 

Lucy’s quirky mesh shoes are from Office and add enough interest to her ultra sleek sexy black suit without going OTT. Her understated POW is what stands out, it’s not a look we normally see in her but I’m totally digging it. Top marks for that popping red lip as well, one of my other all time faves.

Danielle’s look is so simple but so chic, I’ve always thought black and white pared together properly looks so glam. This lovely waistcoat she’s wearing is literally THE best bargain you can buy this summer courtesy of In The Style. I’m actually wearing this in khaki today weather permitting (I think it comes in 3 colours) but in a totally different way which I’ll share with you soon. I think I may also need to snap up the black version immediately though!

I like it when Cara steps away from her usual super-cas funky look and does something a bit more polished – this outfit is almost like a modern day quirky VB for me, the brogues stay true to her funked up self even when she’s rocking a frock. If anyone caught her appearance on the Graham Norton show earlier this week that outfit was a total triumph – slashed leather treggings. Adore!

 Wearing Blue, Feeling Anything But   

 Some cool mega babes working that casual vibe….so much so that Daisy emblazoned that on her chest for all to see! I’m such a fan of cas-ing up a pencil skirt with a tee, though I’m a little short to pull off the converse with this length (maybe switching it out for more of a mini?). Create your own slogan tee with my fave Rock on Ruby and let the world know how mega you are!

Ripped skinnies and a sleeveless duster – so easy, so fab, so me. It’s a style we can all do (and one I do quite a bit). I also found out this week that Kyles and I share a mutual appreciation for Cocoa Brown Tan – I did it first! You can remind yourselves of my CB my tanning exploits here. My fave denim for this look are the Top Shop Jamie Jeans (I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t an exact match to Kyle’s either) and there’s a really similar maxi duster available from Missguided who her pal Pia Mia (pictured) has just collaborated with. Embrace the easy chic.

Two of my fave boho girls working it in…well, boho! Vanessa’s shirt is a great little nod (though the shoes can’t be comfortable in the NYC heat without socks) but I’d go full on hippy in this print tunic dress by Miss Pap. The cute lace detail is also hitting that extra trend too. Perrie’s jumpsuit are also hitting a few marks – denim, dungarees and 70s. You can get her exact look from ASOS, I bet it would look awesome styled for the evening too.

And the ‘Too Glam to Give A Daaaaaaamn’ Award goes to…   

Yay Kenny! She’s killing it all over the world right now. I’ve seen a slightly more relaxed red maxi by Nostalgia for In the Style (that could easily be daytime glam too) teamed with this fierce court shoes from my current obsession Public Desire.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s looks, let me know what you think. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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