FASHION/ The Dark Side of Floral

You know when you’ve been waiting to wear an item of clothing, you wake up and think “yup, today’s the day that baby’s coming out”  and then….the weather goes all freak-ass on you when you’re out wearing it. THAT. And that’s e a toy why my facial expressions reflect that in these pics! I left the house in what I now know was a rare and fleeting moment of July sun and heat…I’m just glad I had my duster coat with me for when the wind got up. 

  Duck faaaaaaaaaccccce 😙  

The material of the jumpsuit feels really nice so it’s been really comfy for running around in, I’m looking forward to making it part of my Vegas wardrobe.
Jumpsuit Little Bird Boutique/ Duster Coat Pretty Little Thing (sold out but still available in black, similar here)/ Shoes Ego (now in the sale for £14.99)

You can also get the jumpsuit print in trousers from Little Bird Boutique here

Hope you enjoyed the look!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

T: @IamJennyChat

I: @thisisjennychat

Depop: @iamjennychat

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