FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

 I’m into my final week of chill time…this time next week I’ll be getting ready to start my first proper job in 4 years! Exciting yet a little bit scary, I’m on the lookout for the perfect first day outfit as you read. I’ve also been hard at work with my girls organising a fabulous event for the #HullBloggers – we’re becoming quite the force to be reckoned with up in hurrrrr!! Hehe.

This week’s #celebstyle round up is super simple and encompasses my classic faves- black ‘n white, with a pop ‘o colour.

This is my favourite Cheryl look of this year’s X Factor auditions – simple, classic  and ridiculously stylish to me. This is an ideal example of how monochrome can stand out more than bright colours when it’s done well! I’m totally coveting this Missguided dress which is really similar for my upcoming #Vegas trip, the slack of sleeves will make it cooler for that desert weather (or even just a decent bit of summer anywhere)

I want Khloe’s hair. Allllllll day loooooooong. This outfit is an interesting mix of casual and glamazon because of the casual top, switch it out for something in a different fabric and POW you’re ready for a cocktail and some shimmy shimmaaaaaaaay. The look is easily created with this skirt by Pretty Little Thing (described as in the style of Kim K, so it must be pretty darn close) and this Top Shop vest knotted up would get that Khloemoney vibe on fleek. Gotta be honest though, I’m not a big fan of these shoes…


Well done for scoring another No. 1 #LittleMix woo! I really like all of their styles as they’re quite an eclectic bunch, but Leigh-Anne is always great to watch for a good evening look. This chic and sexy jumpsuit she’s OWNING is by on of my fave online brands In the Style as part of #CharlotteCrosby Nostaligia collection. One of my fave pieces in the range too! There’s also a black version which you can see here.

It’s definitely summer in Pixie’s world- the sun even shines at night for her so she needs to keep her sunnies on! I really like this as a funky yet comfortable outfit for a night out- you could dance all night and still feel fierce. I’d go all in on the zig zag and work this coord by Bella Sorella its perfect for summer and dressing down as well as up – sassy heels for the night, funky trainers.


I really like cape-like dresses like Emma’s because they manage to be fitted and chic whilst still having an element of flowyness, always great for warm weather! There’s a dress that’s a good copy (or so the picture suggests) courtesy of eBay for an absolute bargain. Great choice of shoe, I like the bag but I’m not sure I’d have put it together with this outfit, even for daytime…something in an oversized clutch perhaps?

Vanessa’s style is always super fierce and I’m crushing sooooooo frickin’ hard on this sexy boho vibe (Courtesy of this pic I pilfered from her Twitter, thank youuuuuu!). I’m delserately trying to find the exact match for me but as yet have had no luck! Wouldn’t mind those fringe boots either…or that bag…help me! So far I’ve found this ASOS beauty in a deeper shade that’ll also take you through to A/W.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round up, what looks have been your fave? Don’t forget to catch up with my style posts from the week too – Current go to Style and Made in Chelsea, Styled in Hull

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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