FASHION/ July Style Round Up

 Shout out to August…your summer sista July hasn’t quite make it with the weather, so we’re counting on you to bring it! Haha.

 I’m super lucky that I’ll be jetting off to ‘The Fabulous Las Vegas’ (there’s a sign that says it and everything so it’s true) so keep your eyes out for my U.S.A capers on future posts and my Instagram. In the meantime, here’s a quick style recap of July’s looks

Hippy Chic 

Krazy for dat Khaki  
Chic ‘n Muted  
Batchelor of Arts (and Style)  
Day to Day Styling  
Chelsea Florals of a Different Kind  

Dark n Floral-ey  
And that’s all she blogged! Get in touch to tell me which looks are your faves and what your summer style essentials will be this year.

Until next month….

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

T: @IamJennyChat

I: @thisisjennychat

Depop: @iamjennychat

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