FASHION/ Vegas Wishlist

So I’m going on holiday to Las Vegas soon, fairly sure I may have mentioned that…about 20 times in every post for the few weeks…sorry for the overkill but I’m ridiculously excited that I finally get to go after many years of wanting to! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe for what feels like FOREVER and I’m almost there, but these are some extra little bits that I feel would finish my suitcase to perfection…


I’ve opted for a fairly small palette of colours to make it super easy to put everything together (I also have some pinks, camels and greys packed too) I haven’t picked up the card clutch bag yet because I wasn’t sure if it was too cheesy? I’m relying on your comments to tell me! I also thought it was a good ide to take an all white look, just in case I FINALLY convince Mr Alice that it would cute to renew our vows whilst we’re in the wedding capital of the World (part of the reason we’re going is to celebrate 5yrs of marriage) feel free to leave comments for him in support of my plea!

Black Floral Coord AX Paris/ House of Cards Box Clutch LA Sula/ Rinestone Headband Cherry Diva/ White Bardot Top Boohoo/ Backless White Jumpsuit Miss Foxy/ Nude V Front Shift Dress Missy Empire/ Cut Out Swimsuit Missguided/ Beige Cage Lace Ups Ego

What else would you pack? Feel free to also leave me any ideas about what else we should be doing in Vegas, we have lots of ideas but the more the merrier.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

4 thoughts on “FASHION/ Vegas Wishlist

  1. Ah! Have so much fun, I really like the pieces you’ve picked and no I don’t think the card clutch is cheesy, its more tongue in cheek. Keep in mind it is VERY hot there right now. A good sunhat is nice to have for walking around the strip during the day…also make sure your heels are bearable for the long haul, because you inevitably end up doing a LOT of walking in Vegas. I just got back and a couple of my recent posts cover my time in Vegas, feel free to check them out!
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

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