FASHION/ “World, I’ve Arrived…”

The other day, this tweet from the bangers-obsessed fashpirational Gok Wan popped up on my feed  

This sums me up so well! Every single day I think – How do I feel? How do I want to feel? What I can wear to reflect the latter to the outside world to make me feel good? It’s not as complicated a process as I make it sound!

So with this is mind…I decided that I was feeling warm and summery, and I wanted to feel/ appear sassy yet casual to the world at large. For me this meant ripped skinnies (doesn’t it always?) lace ups and some HAWT ass shades

   Photos by my girl beckieione

So for the summer I’ve replaced my shoe boots…with lace up shoe boots! Haha. Just as comfy but a bit more open for ventilation. This caged bodysuit is my sassy compromise – I REALLY want a fab lace up one, but of the four I’ve tried, my braless boobies are make it feel less fierce and more ‘to be feared’ cringe…

So glad I’m on the Quay Australia bandwagon, I’m totally obsessed with these sunnies! And because I bought them from a stockist (they’re sold by ASOS and Top Shop) I managed to use my student discount whilst it was still valid. Yay.

Bodysuit – Boohoo (sold out, similar here)/ Jeans- Top Shop (sold out in khaki, other colours here)/ Shoe Boots – Public Desire/ Sunnies – Quay Australia at Top Shop

Thanks for reading

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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