FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

its been such a good week for #celebstyle every day I feel like I’ve let out a little “ooooooooohhhhhhhh” when I’ve opened the paper/Instagram/Twitter and seen someone rocking a great look…I had to narrow down A LOT 

There aren’t enough fire emojis in the world to express my thoughts on J-Lo’s black dress look….I mean really…age aside, everyone I’ve spoken to can only describe it as “daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmn” (If we saw a girl in our own city/town wearing a tight dress and no underwear I bet we’d think something totally different! Probably because it wouldn’t look like this) miraculously, I’ve managed to find a similar-ish dress that’s more wearable in real life (with underwear) courtesy of Boohoo.

The other two looks mind if make me think it could all be in the name. They’re very much ‘Jenny’ looks rather than J-Lo boom boom POW, and I kind of (try really hard) to do the same- when I’m chilling behind I’m Jenny, when I’m out and about I’m very much in Curious Alice mode (I can almost feel those of you who know me chuckling to yourselves as you read this) If only the result was just as amaze eh…dare to dream…anyway….this is such a fab idea for a coord, a cute pair of shorts for the boat partay and a ladylike midi skirt for dinner on the dock. This two piece by Boohoo hits the second vibe really well, add in this fierce lil Public Desire turquoise beauties and you can channel yo’ inner Lopez all day and all night loooooooooong. 

Both of Cheryl’s looks feel a little cold weather (which to be fair, it kind of has been) because of their dark palettes, but they’re fabulous and it just means we can play in them til the end of the year! I’m soooooo into her hair right now; I need to learn how to make mine look that effortless cool at all times.

I really like this Missy Empire waistcoat to recreate the look on the right, short sleeves (or nothing at all) underneath would make it feel it little more summer-ey for August, and these Ego black thigh highs will make you want to embrace your inner Chezza soldier. Awesome.

Jessie J’s outfit is an unusual mix of Japanese calmness and straight up feisty…I’m totally into it! I can’t see her bag properly but the rest of her outfit is high street fash – the dress is by Top Ship but sold out, luckily ASOS do a really similar one, and these caged heels are in full stock as I type over at Missguided.

Danni’s style is ideal for the weird weather we’ve had lately- the colour palette is lovely and light for summer whilst the jacket is great to cover up when the chill comes. FYI: this is a long sleeve version of the one I’m currently obsessed with (see here and here if you haven’t seen or have forgotten) so you could wear it as a top/dress as well an make it a huuuuuge value for money purchase. This style/colour can be picked up at In the Style and there are jeans like Danni’s available at Miss Pap.

I know I just said Chezza wearing dark colours felt autumnal but all black just isn’t the same, it’s for all seasons baybeee! Haha. I’m so pashing on Miss Meck’s skater dress, it’s all kind of classy and a little cheeky with those sheer panels. I’m heading to the races in a few weeks and I need it baaaaaad! She’s repping it from her own boutique which is now sold out (sob) however you can get the same deign with a pencil fit skirt from ASOS.

And so we move from ladylike to sheer frickin’ cool…yes Jenner girls, YES. I’m definitely stealing Kylie’s look for my Vegas trip. You can pick up a similar Top and Palazzo Pants (which I already own and was poised to pack before I saw this) from Miss Foxy.

Kendall’s supermodel style is NAILED in this look; black and showing off her insane figure. Grab a similarly sassy sheer bomber from Missy Empire, super skinny trousers from Pretty Little Thing and fierce gold stilettos by New Look.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s celeb looks, don’t forget to also check out my dark florals style post here. Next week will be a holiday related post and perhaps a new regular feature…be curious and check them out!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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