FASHION/ Channeling Chanel #3

I’ve become a bit of a Scream Queens fan, and Mama Alice recently bought me these fab earmuffs so thought I’d channel a bit of a Chanel #3, albeit a less pink version! Black and white is my fave combo EVER. 
  This blazer is really nice lightweight jersey material so will be firmly fixed in my wardrobe all the way through to summer!
    My newest footwear purchase- comfortable and fit really nicely over jeans as well, nice touch with the smart brown heel. They come in two other colours…typically I want those as well!
   This for me is a nice look for this time of year- it’s warm (enough) and kinda smart/casual for a weekend lunch and afternoon shopping trip. A sleeveless blazer is going to remain a wardrobe staple of mine for a looooooonnnnn time to come! 

Sleeveless blazer Celeb Look UK/ Dress New Look/ Boots Ego/ Earmuffs Michael Kors at TK Maxx

Stay Stylish


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