FASHION/ Jenner Game

This is my ‘Kylie Jenner daytime’ look. I’m OBSESSED with shirt dresses because they’re just so comfy (as well as hiding the fact you ate a huuuuuge meal, totally necessary in my case). This one has been my fave for the last couple of months- in all honesty I think I’ve only had about 5 fave outfits on rotation in that time because I really like a lot of my current wardrobe for once! 

     Still working on the ‘Balmain’ curls that Rick Roberts taught me a couple of months ago…getting a little better I think!

The boots are also really comfy, if you were wondering – that fabulous balance of looking good and being easy to wear. Aaaaaaaaand, tartan is kinda #festive for December too..muatard can totally work instead of red, right? 

Shirt Dress Miss Pap/ Boots Ego, similar at Pink Boutique here

Looking forward to seeing some of your fave festive outfits too so don’t forget to share! 

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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