4 Simple Christmas decorations that look fab (that even I can make!)

It’s that time of year again…I don’t about you, but I’m in dire need of a little festive cheer in my life!

I’m not a craft person by any stretch of the imagination (apart from that one really decent wall thing I made the other year, which I’ll share below) but this year I really wanted to add as many festive touches as I could to my home without spending a fortune. So, a bit of Pinterest and a couple of herbdashery purchases later, I was in business!

The giant door bow

I’ve seen these loads on social media in the past, however the pre made ‘blingy’ ones were a bit too expensive and ornate for what I was looking for. The answer? Buy a massive length of organza and make your own!

I looped two long pieces width ways and length ways tied in a double not to secure, I then tied a rough bow with the remaining pieces and fanned out the bow until it looked more full. This took about 15 minutes in total, and I know the pieces fit so I can do it again next year.

Bauble table centres

This took literally a minute to do, and it meant I could use some more of the many (many, many) baubles in my collection!

Taking vases I bought from IKEA a few weeks ago, I simply kept some of the smaller baubles out and filled each case to the top.

It’s something extra to look at and used items I already had in the house but wasn’t using, so totally free. Win!

Hanging bauble feature

(Pinterest images have been used to display this one because the light was too bad to snap decent photos in when I’d finished)

This one took a little bit longer but was still super easy. When I was researching home made decorations, this was one of the first that popped up, and I knew I had plenty of leftover baubles to make it work!

Taking brown string (to keep with my theme, however coloured wool would also work really well) I looped a section through each bauble, not really caring if they were the same length, and tied them to my banister. I secured them in place with a small piece of sellotape just so they wouldn’t slide out of place.

This also looks great when hung in symmetrical lengths down a window

Paper wall fan

I don’t know what the official name for this would be, but that’s what I’m calling it! This one will take a little bit more effort (and some glue) but is a great mindful activity to relax, do with friends or get the kids involved.

Disclaimer – this is one I made about 3 years ago, however it’s still in perfect condition and I’ve used it every year since.

You’ll need – medium sized coloured cardboard circle, small coloured cardboard circle, glue (pva or prit stick) and small squares of patterned/coloured paper.

Take a piece of paper square and roll it into a cone shape, sealing the edges with glue. Using the medium cardboard circle as your base, glue them in a round shape until the circle has them all the way around. Repeat the process, but this time glue the paper cones above the first layer (this make the finished product more 3D). Once the second layer is complete, glue the small cardboard circle into the centre to hide the sticky bits. To finish, punch a hole in the top part of the medium circle, thread coloured ribbon through and hang where desired.

Whatever your level of skill and ‘can’t be arsed-ness’ there’s definitely something in the post you’ll be able to create!

Thanks for reading,

Jenny xx

FESTIVE/ 4 Ways to feel festive AF 

Festive themed loungewearChristmas clothing doesn’t just stop at jumper ya know. Be festive all day errr day…I dare you NOT to get in the #christmas mood when relaxing at home in this Boohoo pudding Loungewear! Boohoo have a great selection at the moment from the more subtle to full on quirky like mine, definitely worth checking ’em out. And, in keeping with my love for Sleepwear Sass I also picked up a cheeky ‘pudding tits’ sleep tee from Pretty Little Thing.

Drink hot chocolate fom a Christmas mug There’s a reason that big coffee shop chains out so much emphasis on creating kick ass festive drinks and cups every year – because the taste of winter and Christmas is everything. I got this immense Santa mug from ASDA (it’s sold singular in store for £3) and filled it with home-made rum hot chocolate.

Christmas crafts The first time I ever did this was when I visited Lydia’s with the girls (you can check out my post about it here) and it really got my feeling those festive vibes. I brought some bits home to have a go at home- as you can see this effort is definitely more on the basic side but they’re still quite cute!

Make it smell like Christmas Smell is ultimately what evokes the most memories in us, so smells that remind us of the holidays are going to immediately get those festive juices flowing! For me the smell of mullled wine and spices really puts me in Christmas mode, and this Harper’s Bizarre candle I picked up last year (still available now) is the epitome of this for me. Ya know, apart from actual mulled wine.

So, if anyone needs me this month, I’ll probably be at home doing all of this…hehe.

Stay Stylish (and festive AF!)

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Jenner Game

This is my ‘Kylie Jenner daytime’ look. I’m OBSESSED with shirt dresses because they’re just so comfy (as well as hiding the fact you ate a huuuuuge meal, totally necessary in my case). This one has been my fave for the last couple of months- in all honesty I think I’ve only had about 5 fave outfits on rotation in that time because I really like a lot of my current wardrobe for once! 

     Still working on the ‘Balmain’ curls that Rick Roberts taught me a couple of months ago…getting a little better I think!

The boots are also really comfy, if you were wondering – that fabulous balance of looking good and being easy to wear. Aaaaaaaaand, tartan is kinda #festive for December too..muatard can totally work instead of red, right? 

Shirt Dress Miss Pap/ Boots Ego, similar at Pink Boutique here

Looking forward to seeing some of your fave festive outfits too so don’t forget to share! 

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx