3 Tips for having a good staycation

Having some time off work but not going on holiday? Read on my friend…

After enjoying three holidays abroad this year, a house to finish decorating and with one week of annual leave left, a staycation was the only option my bank balance would accept (for clarity, I class a staycation as having time off and not going on holiday).

It’s important to remember that most of the time we have annual leave to allow ourselves to have a period of rest away from a working environment, however if you don’t do this productively (quite an oxymoron I know) you could end up getting back to work and feeling like you’ve wasted this valuable time. So, I propose that you follow these three simple rules that will give you the best chance to recharge your batteries and feel accomplished:

1 – Have one period of adulting

I guarantee there’ll be jobs you’ve been saving until you ‘have time’ to do them. This is the time! But make it count – write out a list of those jobs and get them done in one go and before you do anything else. If you don’t you’ll end up doing them in bits and bobs through the week and breaking up other quality time, or rushing to cram them in at the end which will likely make you feel a bit frazzled. Getting it done up front will instantly make you feel accomplished, take a weight off and move your vibe towards chill mode.

2 – Plan out you time

Mapping out what you’re going to do means you can use all of the time you have to its fullest advantage and know what to look forward to and when.

Even if you plan to do nothing, plan the days/times of you’re going doing nothing so you can prepare – make sure your fave PJs/loungewear are freshly washed, you’re fully stocked up on snacks and Netflix is primed to take you to binge watch heaven.

3. Do SOMETHING, even if it’s just one day/night

It doesn’t have to be far, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, hell if you’re forgetful like me it could even be free!

Do you have any vouchers for a spa treatment/hotel stay/restaurant/theme park that you got as a gift and have been waiting to use? Now is the time, I enjoyed a lovely mid week stay at Thorpe Park Hotel from one of last year’s Christmas gifts.

Have a look around to see if any of your favourite cafes/restaurants/bars do special offer during the week that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy. We managed to find one of our favourite pizza places had an insane lunch deal that was about half the price of the usual menu. Good food, less money, happy you.

You don’t have to think drastically outside the box, you ould simply do the things you’d do outside of office hours, just with more time and less people. Enjoy a day walking around the shops and a lazy lunch, visit family members you don’t see as often as you’d like or hit the gym and enjoy the freedom of getting on any piece of equipment you want.

So there it is – not rocket science, just quick wins that you may not think of when you’re tunnel visioned on the concept of ‘not being at work’. Now, off you go to enjoy yourself!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BLOGMAS day 19: What to do when you’re sick during the festive season

So I missed the last two days of #blogmas gutted as I was on a roll with this thing! But I had a good reason, illness, which has become inspiration for today’s post.

It’s the time of year when you’re in and out of crazy temperatures all the time, you’re mixing with way more people and you’re possibly a bit stressed too boot. In short – the perfect breeding ground for germs to get in and stop you in your tracks! But, if you observe these 3 R’s then you’ll be back on feet in no time.


Accept your lurgy and retreat to bed – your body is telling you it’s run down, listen to it! It’s hard to turn down parties and nights out, but if you don’t your illness will linger and you won’t be able the main event. You can always plan some fun things to do post-Christmas to look forward to.


And oldy but goody – keep your fluids up whilst eating little and often. People say tea solves everything right? Don’t eat anything too rich or fancy – keeping your food choices plain will hopefully stop your body feeling more angry so that you’ll be fighting fit and ready to indulge in your Christmas dinner.


This can be really hard, particularly when being out of action could make you stress even more about not getting things done. However, the power of modern technology means you can chill whilst remaining *mildly* productive. Whack on a festive film (see my suggestions from blogmas day 5 here) make yourself a warm drink (if you’re feeling up to it, treat yourself to home made hot chocolate using my blogmas day 9 recipe – perhaps leave out the booze and get someone to make it for you, you are sick after all!) grab your laptop/tablet and settle down to do some online shopping from the comfort of your PJs. Nail the last of your Christmas shopping, pick up a little something to wear out when you’re well (or your ‘I hope this is reduced in the January sales’ list) maybe even have a little browse for next year’s holiday… (places I’d like to travel to in 2018 featured in my blogmas day 14 post here).

If you are sick at the moment, I wish you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy the rest of the festive season and hope you’re practising the 3 R’s!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

LIFESTYLE/ Coffee fit for a diva


I’ve always liked coffee from being little- I have really find memories of having ‘elevenses’ at my Nana’s house during the school holidays where I’d have biscuits and a super milky weak coffee. 

However it’s only been in the last year that I fully understand the true power of coffee, and how a really great brand can really help improve my mood. Weirdly though, if I’m tired then coffee can also chill me out to go to sleep! Does that happen to anyone else? I’ve been trying to track down this particular flavour for soooooooo long and it’s totally been worth the wait, but I’d like to issue a public plea to Douwe Egberts here and now: please stock in it Hull!!!

It goes perfectly in my new diva mug dontcha think? This is a one off cup (not created especially for me) by a fab company I’m connected with through work that design promotional items fo business – I picked up some fab bits from their latest event that I’ll hopefully be sharing on social media soon.

(This is the February edition of LOCO that I wrote a Valentine’s Day/girly gift guide for this month if you fancy a cheeky read, their new website design looks amazing!)

   Travel cup The Promotion Company*/ Coffee Douwe Egberts enticing chocolate
Any other recommendations for coffee welcome, tweet me or leave a comment below 

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

FASHION & LIFESTYLE/ Treats to make a gal happy


                                               This is NOT a Valentine’s Day post

There are 365 days of a year to show a girl that you love her and you think she’s special. In fact, this year there are 366 – that’s a great excuse to pick another day to be spoilt “just because” in my book!

Being spoilt for me usually involves one of two things – relaxing, or pretty things. This gorgeously simple bracelet from the Joshua James collection is perfect for wearing anywhere at any time,the infinity charm adds that little romantic touch “we will be together for infinity” and all that.

I really enjoy a great smelling candle to help me feel a bit more relaxed at the end of a busy week. This Harper’s scent has been my fave over the winter as it smells of red wine and warmness (I got Mama Alice the Pomander and Cherry Bakewell scents for Christmas). I’ll be checking out the new season range really soon.

Infinity bracelet Joshua James*\ Candle Harper’s Bizarre

Check out the rest of the Joshua James collection and let me know which is your fave, and share any tips for new candle scents I should try.

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx