BEAUTY/ Topshop everything stick

 I’m usually a pretty lazy gal when it come beauty, I think this is probably because I’ve spent years not really being that good at make up! 

Even though I feel I’m improving, I saw this product online and my inner lay-z thought ooooh, yes please…

 Out of the 6 shades I chose  Thrill seeker because it feels like a fab colour for Warner weather. DO NOT BE ALARNED BY THIS BRIGHT CORAL SWATCH- the colour goes on as more of a sheen that you can blend and is advertised as “buildable” so you can go a lot more subtle with it.
I used it for a super natural look when I was travelling – I have it on my eyes, cheeks and lips  

I felt great about this as a laid back daytime look, and it’s becoming something of a go-to for when mornings are a little rushed. I definitely need to invest in some more colours STAT…

I really want to hear from anyone else who has tried this in any colour and what you think- plus any tips on use, so please do drop me a comment or tweet.

Don’t forget to check out my nude lip giveaway, you still have 2 days to enter and you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx


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