FESTIVE, FOOD & FUN/ Cake, coffee and Christmas crafts 

It’s important to take time our from the pressures of life to enjoy some time with friends or do activities that help you relax and have fun. Well, add that to a gingerbread latte and selection of sweet treats, and that’s exactly how I spent an evening last week!

Myself and some of my blogger baes were invited to join craft club at Lydia’s, a cute and quirky cafe in the Newland Avenue area of Hull that I’ve been itching to visit for quite a while.

For a little place, they offer their customers a LOT! Pretty much every kind of hot drink you could want, including those you didn’t know you wanted. London Fog, anyone? 

There’s a really awesome blend of contemporary meets traditional throughout everything. The tables are decorated with old hand written letters and posters, and tea is served in flowery china cups (but in a dope-ass glass tea pot). Classics like shortbread have been mixed up with white chocolate and lime topping (you need to try before you judge, it tastes amazing) and cupcakes filled with lemon meringue…mind (and tastebuds) blown. They post some of their fabulous creations on their Instagram which is definitely worth a follow if you’re a foodie like me.

Never mind the big chains; their pumpkin and gingerbread lattes are delicious, but come with the satisfaction of supporting a local business that has fast become a hub for the local community.

And so we move to crafts. Craft club is just one of the many, many things that lovely Lydia’s offer to help engage customers. They also run film afternoons, language clubs, knitting clubs and baby and me group amongst others. Check out their Facebook and Twitter feeds for future events and times. To attend it cost £5* which covers the cost of a drink and cake, crafts are kindly provided by one of the group.

Cards on the table: I have never seen myself being good at crafty things. My creativity stays very much in my head on on a page sadly, but I was assured by the crafty regulars that it would be easy and look good when finished. We had lots of fun chatting, laughing and generally taking our minds off life’s little stresses, and managed to make some cute Christmas decorations in between.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pleased with the end result! It’s currently hung up proudly in my porch.

Lydia also asked us to take part in an extra special project – which was to design a decoration to hang from one of the trees near the cafe (this is replacing a really lovely poppy display that has been on every single tree down the road for the last couple of months). As you can see, we even managed to get in a cheeky nod to #HullFoodie and #HullBloggers!

I enjoyed myself so. I have that I actually brought some bits and pieces home to create some snowman baubles, but they haven’t quite turned out as well so nompictures for now!

The moral of the of post is definitely this – get out, find something fun to enjoy with your friend, and enjoy cake. Cake is ALWAYS a good idea.

Stay Stylish (and try getting yo’ craft on),


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