FESTIVE/ Last minute stocking fillers

It’s #ChristmasDay NEXT WEEK. Just let that sink in for a moment. If you’re still struggling with those little extras to fill a girly stocking, I’ve put together a little list of things around the £5 mark or under that can be picked up really easily.

Marks and Spencer Chocolate prosecco caramels, £1.50A lil’ bit of chocolate didn’t hurt nobody, especially when prosecco is involved!

B & M Large candle jar, £2.99I posted about my surprise discovery of B and M bargains having a great dupe for Bath and Body Works candle (read about them here)

Imperial leather Marshmallow shower gel, 90pThis is so delicious smelling! I’ve been using this for over a year and really enjoy it’s girlyness and how lovely I feel after I use it, and I just know that others will love it. Since it’s such good value, I’d also recommend picking up the Fruit Salad scent as well.

ASDA Lounge socks, £3Foxes still feel quite wintry (to me, at least) but they’re not exclusively for #christmas so they can keep being worn without feeling dated. (Random side note: I did treat Mr Alice to a pair of Rudolph ones, complete with bobbly nose, which he’s been werking this month).

Barry M Molten Metals nail paint (copper mine)
Metallic tones are so now, and this is a really easy way to get in on the trend and get out when you’re bored without spending a lot.

Lydia’s afternoon tea voucher, £6(sorry about the extra dodgy pic) This one is specifically for people in or planning to visit #Hull I guess, but the idea is still a good one wherever you live. This voucher gets you 6 taster cakes and a hot drink, and you get a little discount if you buy more. I picked up one for myself, Mama Alice and Grandma Alice (ssh, don’t tell them!) so we can have a lovely afternoon together in the new year.

Hopefully this will have given you a couple of extra ideas if you still need them. Now go out there and get to shopping!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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