2017 Week 1 – what do I want this year to be about?

I’ve been pretty clear in my head that I’m not making any ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for 2017. However, what I do want to do is review where I am in my life and make steps to improve it in the long term. That may sound no different, but to me this is about a critically thought out review and an achievable plan of action.

I started by making a list, ‘What didn’t I like about last year’:

– I put on weight

– I lost confidence

– I lost my blogging mojo

– I lost the inclination to leave the house and ‘feel like me’

However I know from experience, even when you’re facing the toughest of times, that there’s usually something you can do to change the sitch you’re in. So I started making a second list, ‘What can I do to change that?’

– Remind myself that I know how to lose weight, feel confident, be creative and be socialble, and that I have enjoyed every single one of those things in the recent past.

– get back to meal planning and cooking from scratch

– use exercise as a way to clear my my mind, focus my thoughts, and lose weight as a bonus

– seek new ways to manage low periods

– spend time with people who’s company I enjoy that I can be I be inspired by

My motto of the year will be this:I’m going to do a weekly post (which now will be a week behind, as this one should’ve gone up in the first few days of Jan. Ah well, never mind!) with my progress, what I learn along the way and any tips I can pass on. I hope you’ll all join me on my journey and impart any knowledge of your own where you ink it may help me!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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