BEAUTY/ From brunette to blonde

Historically I’m a  gal who gets bored with her hair pretty easily. However, for the last year I’ve kept it pretty easy and simple – my natural brunette colour (with a slight touch of a warm red) in a mid length style. But I started to get itchy feet again to really change it up and push myself out of my comfort zone, thinking that being brave with my look may give me a bit of confidence back.
Anybody that’s followed my posts for a little while may remember that I’ve had a bit of a blonde dip dye in the past (see pic below) but this time I wanted more. I wanted more blonde, lighter blonde and a choppier style to make it look textured and cool. 
InspoThese are some of the reference pics I collected to get a feel for what I wanted that I shared with my gal Chelsea (who works her talents at cook: hair in Anlaby). 

As I had a lot of dark colour on my hair already I knew it was going to take a few attempts to get to a point that I was completely happy with the colour. However, I also knew Chels would make it look good at every stage so I wasn’t worried!

Start point Dark brown (my natural shade) with just passed shoulder length hair.

To really kick start the lightening process I had bleach applied through the lengths which stayed on for a good couple of hours, using foils so that the look would be more naturally woven in to the brown rather than two separate blocks of colour. In the meantime my roots were touched up with my natural brown to keep a glossy contrast (and possibly to hide a few cheeky silver strands).

 After treatment 1
The colour came out as very light brown-almost dark blonde colour that actually looked really lovely when a toner had been put over the top. This was the point that it could’ve looked too ‘warm’ and orangey if not done by someone who didn’t know what they were doing! Sadly, I speak from experience…

I looked after my ‘do with colour protect and purple shampoo in between my first and second treatment, but as the toner washed out (about 2/3 weeks after) it did become a little warmer towards the mid lengths.

This time Chelsea freshened my roots again and applied more bleach (using foils again to blend) which was left to develop for about an hour, before rinsing and applying a toner.

After treatment 2Voila, unmistakable blondie! The colour is beautifully blended and a gorgeous shade I’m super happy with, for now…hehe. For the style Chelsea took a bit more off the length to my shoulders (I have a short-ish neck so from the front it still looks pretty long) added in a bit more feathering round the front (to match my existing shorter fringe-y bits) and emphasised my choppy layer section.

I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with hair products for bottle blondes during this process, so I’ll be doing a post on the ones that worked well for me soon. In the meantime thanks for stopping by, hope you like my new look!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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