BLOGMAS day 4: Sweet treats perfect for the holiday season

Candles – Candy cane forest and Christmas cookie by Yankee Candle

Being festive is about eating all the food…or is that just me? Either way, I’ve got some great recommendations of treats you can pick up to help get into the festive mood…

White chocolate and raspberry Christmas trees, Marks & Spencer

Be warned, these little treats are big on taste and are very rich indeed! The white chocolate layer underneath the ‘baubles’ is melt in the mouth creamy and pairs perfectly with the tart raspberry.

These are great for pairing with after dinner coffee/tea or as part of a buffet

Red velvet mini Santa hat cupcakes, Marks & Spencer

Cake lovers will adore these, and not just because they look super cute! The cake itself is lovely and moist, and the cream cheese topping gives it that signature cupcake feel and taste. Nom. These would also be great with after dinner tea/coffee, and they would also be a great alternative for kids to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Rich traditional brownies by Northern Brownies*

These are pretty big in size but they’re also very chocolatey so I’d recommend sharing, don’t try to be a hero! For me this is the ideal brownie consistency – smooth crunchy outer with gooey middle. Yassss.

Sticky toffee pudding and Chocolate orange sponge, White Lace Cakery

These puddings are perfect for Christmas Day dessert! I actually tried them both earlier this year at the Great British Food Festival and was very impressed – sticky toffee is one of the Mr’s all-time fave desserts and he said this is one of the best he’s had for a long time.

The sponge is wonderfully moist, the ‘sauce to sponge ratio’ is perfect and they are a great size (not to big, not too smal) to round off a delicious meal.

Hope this helps you find some great ideas for those festive food occasions!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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