BLOGMAS day 5: Festive films I watch every year

I stole this cosy film setup from Pinterest because – we don’t have our Christmas tree up yet, we’re currently in a rented flat so don’t have the space or freedom to decorate, and I don’t have a cute doggy to snuggle up to (yet. I’m confident the Mr will cave someday).

No matter where you are, cosying up and watching a film can help you get into a warm and fuzzy frame of mind that lends itself well to this time of year, so these are the ones I’ll be reaching for:

This is the only film I watch all the way through, every single year, just me and my husband. It came out 9 years ago, and I know this because me and the Mr went to see it at the cinema as our first outing together (it was a kind of ‘is it a date, is it not a date?’ trip. We concluded it wasn’t AND celebrate our official anniversary 6 days after this, when we were both certain it was in fact a date.)

This is a pretty short film, not much over an hour, and really resonates with anyone that has a divorced family or has to see a lot of people over the holidays. It’s pretty funny (too many odd and cringe moments to mention here) and cheesy, as most good Christmas films are.

If you don’t watch this at Christmas I just have one thing to ask – U ok Hun? It was shown in October this year on some channels and honestly, I was kind ready for it! This is the Christmas movie of my childhood so it makes my inner child happy to keep putting it on each year.

What makes me chuckle most now are all the memes that I see about this on social media pointing out practicalities – what DOES Mr McAllistar do for a job that he can afford an amazing house, and what does his brother do that he can afford to pay for that massive family with hundreds of kids out to Paris at the PST expensive time of year??

Same applies to this as Home Alone – can you even say you’re celebrating Christmas if you DONT watch this?? I enjoy watching it a little bit now I’ve been to NYC a couple of times as I’ve been able to visit some of the movie locations (though only in summer time, so it’s a bit less slippery). If pushed, I’d say this was my fave of the two – you kind of know what you should be expecting with this one based on the first, but it’s got that bit of extra significance with Kevin *SPOILER ALERT – IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT, SCROLL TO THE NEXT FILM* stopping the toy store robbery and being surprisingly enterprising and stealthy in a coty to which he hasn’t ever lived or visited.

I would make me so happy if another instalment was made featuring Mcauley Culkin as the dad, c’mon guys!

I think this is one of the best British films ever made. It covers so many scenarios, emotions, stages of life and relationships, it just sums up real people (and some more extraordinary ones) dealing with life in the run up to Christmas and it just makes you feel alright again.

I get a lump in my throat *ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT- STOP READING THIS POST IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT YET* every single time Joanna sings ‘All I want for Christmas’ and I stole Juliet and Peter’s wedding song to walk back down the aisle to (sadly without the gospel choir, but the original Beatles version is pretty darn good).

I hope this post has either stirred up some nostalgia for you or given you a couple of new ideas about things to watch this December!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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