BLOGMAS day 13: My top choons of 2017

This year has been a year of banging songs! On no particular order, today’s #blogmas post shares 10 of my faves.

This lady has KILLED IT this year – I’ve adored every single song she’s released so far, but this one is just a little bit cheesier which I like. She was great when I saw her live at Radio 1 Big Weekend so I hope I get to catch her again in 2018.

Firstly I like this song because of the catchy chorus, however some of the lyrics are just so damn true! “I mean we can throw shapes together, but it doesn’t mean you’re in my circle” are the classy gal’s words to live by.

I find this song really sweet, beautiful and honest. A lot of the lyrics feel like they could be about me sometimes.

Every time I hear this, I think about Chelsea and I dancing and singing our heads off to Shawn’s set at Radio 1 Big Weekend and it reminds me of fun times. I still totally sing my head off to it in the car whenever it comes on.

This song always makes me feel a bit better about things in life – people don’t know everything about you, it’s ok not to be ok sometimes and you can be empowered to be as good as anybody else.

Mui Bueno! When this track comes on the radio it instantly boosts my mood and I just wanna dance. My Spanish isn’t great so I can’t sing this one well but it’s catchy AF and I dig it.

This has definitely been the year of catchy hooks in the charts! I like me a bit of Ed.

If you could ever describe a tune sung by a man as sassy, this would be it. Tellin’ it like it is Charlie!

This song is quite different to my other faves – it’s much more melodic and chilled and makes me think of lazy summer days with cocktails.

I feel like this song is a bit marmite – you either love it or loathe it. I’m someone who has tendency to hold onto things and become a bit bitter, so it definitely hits that mark for me. This has been a huge ear worm for me ever since it was released.

I had absolutely nothing against 1D but I definitely think they’re all sounding so much better individually than their group sound did! I like this song because it’s a bit cheeky, slick and super catchy.

And now I’m going to load up Spotify and dance around the living room…

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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