Why the 00s was one of the best decades ever and I won’t hear another bad word about it

I’ve seen a LOT of trash talk online lately about the 00s (which, for these purposes, is 2000-2009). They’re mocking the way we dressed, the way we did our makeup…and yeah, I admit some of those trends were a little out there when looking back, but what about the other stuff?

I’ve had enough. I’m fighting back. Im showing these naysayers (most of whom were only just born in the 00s or not much before) why I’m proud to have lived through the 00s, and why its probably one of my fave decades so far

I consider the 00s ‘my era’ of music, it was all so damn cool back then. Garage music hit the mainstream, spearheaded by The Artful Dodger who helped to launch the career or one Mr Craig David, who the young ‘uns today (and those of us who remember him first time round) go crazy for. R ‘n B blew up on this side of the pond, thanks to both stalwarts like Mary J. Blige and newbies like Aaliyah and Kelis. We met Lady Gaga, re-met Kylie Minogue and did NOT look good in the dancefloor throwing shapes to Arctic Monkeys. Also, how can you mock an era that gave us Beyoncé’s solo career??

The 2000s is one of THE defining eras for chick flicks and love stories that are still heavily quoted on the daily. During lockdown, Tik Tok was filled with creators getting their cheer on a la Bring It On (2000), releasing their inner Sophie or Donna from Mama Mia (2008) and share their love of all things pink like the Mean Girls (2004). This was also the decade that blessed us with Elle Woods, Bridget Jonesand a fairly decent amount of both Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. Until then we didn’t know the devil wore Prada, that pants could travel as a sisterhood or girls were just as good at football. And we discovered that Love, Actually is all around us

Forget what you’ve read or seen, the 00s in fact blessed us with some fashion moments that left us shooketh for the right reasons!

  • J-Lo in the Valentino jungle print dress
  • Kylie Minogue in gold hot pants
  • The Alexander McQueen skull scarf
  • The universally flattering halterneck (WHY hasn’t this come back around yet, though I see that Bella Hadid is giving it a go)
  • Bedazzled hair clips (I see y’all doing that now on the ‘gram)

This is just a snapshot of the good stuff! I know there are some questionable things to look back on – dresses over jeans, velour tracksuits, liberal use of blue eyeshadow…but the world forgave the 80s for their misgivings so now its the turn of the 2000s to get some redemption. You know I’m right!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

Let’s Chat – February 2020

For a short month (even though we had an extra day in it this year) I’ve had a super busy time!

Slight disclaimer – I’ve been pretty terrible at taking pictures of what I’ve been wearing (hair and nails are in) but I can reveal I’ve been enjoying a lot of faux leather and statement sleeves..

  • Bad Boys for Life soundtrack
  • Bon Jovi Jonas Brothers
  • Throwback hits on Viking FM

  • Bad Boys for Life: it’s the perfect balance between super serious action film and cheesy cop comedy, deffo recommend
  • Sex Education season 2: even more unanswered questions than the end of last season, sure there’s going to be a third, right?

  • -Saw Michael McIntyre live: last minute warm up gig for his Netflix spesh
  • Saw Lloyd Griffith live: #LetLloydSingAtWembley
  • Saw Jimmy Carr live: a crazy woman claiming she was called Hilary Clinton heckled, a LOT
  • I went on the radio: this time I was on the BBC Radio Humberside afternoon show talking about how blogging can make you more employable (based on this post)
  • Saw Phil Wang live: have we seen a pattern for the month here?? Usually our comedy gigs are far more spaced out, but if ever there was a time I needed a good laugh it’s now so I’m kinda grateful
  • Holiday booking: I’ve booked a girls trip to Ibiza for the month after for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday. We’re doing the full shebang with Ocean Beach and everything. I’m excited yet a bit scared!
  • I met Latrice Royale: After being kindly gifted entry to the first Pride in Hull Queer AF event in January, myself and Kat booked (and paid for) tickets to the second event which was headlined by Drag Race Season 4 alum Latrice.

2020 is already proving pretty busy and expensive, but I’m very much here for it so far!

Thanks for reading, J xx

BLOGMAS day 13: My top choons of 2017

This year has been a year of banging songs! On no particular order, today’s #blogmas post shares 10 of my faves.

This lady has KILLED IT this year – I’ve adored every single song she’s released so far, but this one is just a little bit cheesier which I like. She was great when I saw her live at Radio 1 Big Weekend so I hope I get to catch her again in 2018.

Firstly I like this song because of the catchy chorus, however some of the lyrics are just so damn true! “I mean we can throw shapes together, but it doesn’t mean you’re in my circle” are the classy gal’s words to live by.

I find this song really sweet, beautiful and honest. A lot of the lyrics feel like they could be about me sometimes.

Every time I hear this, I think about Chelsea and I dancing and singing our heads off to Shawn’s set at Radio 1 Big Weekend and it reminds me of fun times. I still totally sing my head off to it in the car whenever it comes on.

This song always makes me feel a bit better about things in life – people don’t know everything about you, it’s ok not to be ok sometimes and you can be empowered to be as good as anybody else.

Mui Bueno! When this track comes on the radio it instantly boosts my mood and I just wanna dance. My Spanish isn’t great so I can’t sing this one well but it’s catchy AF and I dig it.

This has definitely been the year of catchy hooks in the charts! I like me a bit of Ed.

If you could ever describe a tune sung by a man as sassy, this would be it. Tellin’ it like it is Charlie!

This song is quite different to my other faves – it’s much more melodic and chilled and makes me think of lazy summer days with cocktails.

I feel like this song is a bit marmite – you either love it or loathe it. I’m someone who has tendency to hold onto things and become a bit bitter, so it definitely hits that mark for me. This has been a huge ear worm for me ever since it was released.

I had absolutely nothing against 1D but I definitely think they’re all sounding so much better individually than their group sound did! I like this song because it’s a bit cheeky, slick and super catchy.

And now I’m going to load up Spotify and dance around the living room…

Thanks for reading,

J xx

MUSIC, FASHION & FUN/ Radio 1 Big Weekend – Day 1

Last weekend is one of the BEST I’ve had in a very long time , and the Radio 1 #BigWeekend is solely responsible for this! 

I think everyone in the #Hull area peed their pants with excitement that a big name festival was FINALLY coming to our area, and it was definitely not one to be missed.

I think initially, everyone raised their eyebrows a bit that it was taking place in the grounds of Burton Constable Hall, an Elizabethan Manor House just on the outskirts of the city, however there really couldn’t have been a more perfect setting.

I invited fellow Hull Blogger Tory to be my plus one, this was the first time we have ever met! However I know it won’t be the last as she’s an awesome gal. 

#OOTD Top, customised men’s Adidas tee/ Shorts, customised Topshop Jamie jeans/ Espadrilles, Solewish*

This was the first time I’d worn these shoes, and I full expected to end the day with blister covered feet, but I was proved very wrong! I wore these for a solid 16 hours and they were brilliant, the sole was very hard wearing on the grass and made it really easy to walk around the site. These will definitely be a summer staple piece.

On to the music – I didn’t see quite as many artists on the bill as I would’ve liked (due to a couple of time clashes) but I’ve included a few of my highlights:

Zara Larson

Kicking of the Main Stage action was the Swedish bombshell of the moment, and she got everybody in the party mood! She did a really cool acoustic rendition of my fave ‘I Would Like’, dedicated her Clean Bandit collar ‘Symphony’ to the people of Manchester, and ended with summertime vibin’ ‘Lush Life’. I really liked that she was dressed in such a simple yet festival- goer appropriate outfit too.


I wouldn’t have said I was a Galantis fan but they delivered a really cool, high energy set that was really enjoyable and different from the othe musicians performing on the bill.

Time to stop for a quick ice cream , followed by the obligatory social media pic, which as you can see was a bit of a fail because it went a bit melty!

You Me at Six

Not a band I’d heard of (that’s really showing my age, cringe) playing in the ‘Where it Begins’ big top but was a great change of pace from the other performers we’d heard and had a really cool atmosphere around the crowd.

Next came another insta-driven purchase: a Pina Colada served inside a fresh pineapple!better photos than the ice cream but still not the best, the wind kept knocking the top off! 

The final act of the day was one Miss Katy Perry, definitely worth the wait and the longer queue for transport home! It had rained a little bit, but the poncho was mostly to try and keep me a bit warmer (which worked weirdly well for the most part)

The first time I’d ever seen Katy live and she was uh-may-zing. She magically appeared on stage in a vision of sequins and lit AF trainers and performed a back catalogue of hits from ‘I Kissed a Girl’ to the current ‘Bon Appetit’ that everybody bouncing. It was also the first time I’d heard ‘Swish Swish’ which I know I’m going to be singing all summer (I’ve already made a good start!)

Thanks to the fabulous Tory for being a great plus one, and for being able to return home to my own bed as the location was so close to home!

Day 2 post coming your very soon…

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

June Favourites

I’ve NEVER done one of these posts before but, since they’re one of my fave types to watch/read from others, I thought I’d give it a go! 


Off the shoulder Bardot, cold shoulder, oversized and casually sliding off the shoulder…I adore them all! I have this In the Style beauty as part of a coord in 4 colours (I know, not at all like me is it. Hehe) and have been wearing them every time there’s a break in the dark clouds. I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed with off the shoulder since I was about 18 and The gypsy trend was in full effect.


Spanish foodYou may have seen on Instagram that I recently went on holiday to Marbella with Mama Alice – and for the whoooole time we were there I made her eat paella or tapas every single night! Spanish food is in my top 5 of favourite food EVER for sure. I’m going to Barcelona really soon and have heard they do tapas tours so I’m super excited to sign up for one of those.This paella is one the first one I have ever myself using my new pan (as seen in my recent Birthday post) and it was pretty yummy!

Candy Kittens Fresh Raspberry jelliesI bought these on a whim from the Sainsbury Local opposite my house – theyir products have never been stocked before I was intrigued to test them out. The outer part looks like the flavour could be quite muted or almost ‘milky’ if that makes sense, but they’re super juicy and the flavour lasts right until the very end. They’ve been a good alternative to keep on my desk for when the sugar cravings hit.


Ministry of Sound Throw Back Summer Jamz

My music tastes were definitely formed between the ages of 16 – 23, so my go-to tunes are a kind of a pop/garage/RnB mash up. Almost every song in this collection transforms me back to a fun memory which is lovely driving to/from work.
What else?

Light box(also part of my recent birthday post) I don’t know how I lasted so long without one of these now I have one – cute messages, inspirational quotes, letting Mr Alice know I’ve popped out…

Hope you like my first ever (short but sweet) favourites post; I’m working on July already!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

EVENT / Hull Fashion Week

I’m proudly from #Hull and now we’re the City of Culture for 2017 it’s getting more exciting to be here all the time. But we’ve actually had our own Fashion Week for the last few years – promoting #fashion that can be picked up locally and pieces that are made locally too. We’re a pretty creative bunch you know! It’s lovely that they appreciate the relevance of #bloggers to this type of event and the #HullBloggers are equally as obsessed… 


This wassome #selfystick fun in the photobooth…I need to work on how to use it still! Tips appreciated. 


We had the pleasure of some of our fave local personalities as hosts – Stylish weather girl Keeley Donovan (@KeeleyDonovan) and fly guy rapper  Nineties Boy (who’s music is amazeballs!). They were joined by star stylist Lewis-Duncan Weedon (@ldweedon)  who styled their stage looks and talked the audience through the trends from each catwalk presentation.



I’ve just included a selection of my faves but there were lots! 

Sports Chic – this included a really  cool insert of polo wear in support of the local club, and the cute as a button mini model        

 Festival/ Summer Wear          

Upcycling and Customising Presentation by  Poor Boy Boutique 

You can see more pictures by following @HullFashionWeek and searching #HullBloggers or #HullFashionWeek 

Hope you enjoyed a bit of home town fashion! 

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx