BLOGMAS day 15: Happy #ChristmasJumperDay

I look mardy in this pic because the light is funny and because ALL of my Christmas jumpers have disappeared into some black hole in the midst of moving. What’s a gal to do?

I’ll tell you – buy the most extra festive jumper she can find! This Topshop beauty is waaaaay more than I’d normally spend on something like this but it’s fun, classic and washes well so I’m super happy with it.

The good news is there’s still plenty of time to snap a jumper up before the big day – scroll down for some fab festive knits that are still in stock…

Best for fashion babes

This Rock on Ruby sweatshirt is simple, sassy and just the right amount of cheeky. They’ve got a HUGE festive collection this year which is definitely worth checking out.

Best for being cute

This Next jumper is cosy and a little bit silly, the absolute epitome of Christmas jumper-dom!

Best for dog lovers

It’s so nice to see something other than “Bah hum-pug” on a festive doggy jumper, so I’m all about this one from Dorothy Perkins. It may be the closest I ever get get to a pug of my own, sigh.

Best for something more classy

This cherry red Marks & Spencer jumper is still sparkly and festive but in a very understated way, making it perfect for the girl who wants to appear festive within their usual style.

FYI- I stopped writing this post mid-way through to re-purchase one of my jumpers that’s gone missing (but in a different colour) so I have another option, it was only £7.99 so I can totally justify it.

Thanks for reading,

J cc

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