BLOGMAS day 16: Top festive tipples (2017)

I did a festive tipples post last year (read it here) which was pretty well received and I very much enjoyed creating (hic) so I thought I’d do an updated version. Cheers!

Mulled wine

I seek this out every single year, although I don’t have it too often as I don’t know many other people who like it. Enjoying it in Thor’s Tipi round a fire pit made me feel extra festive this year!

Marks & Spencer Chocolate Yule log cream

If you like Baileys (or other cream liqueur equivalents) you’ll like this. It’s beaut on its own served over ice or added to hot chocolate for an extra naughty drink (see my spiked hot chocolate recipe, it can easily be subbed in)

Bluebird Snowball tea

If you don’t drink alcohol or don’t think you chug hot chocolate like it’s going out of fashion over the festive period, this tea blend is the perfect compromise. It smells great, looks pretty and is great to drink at any time of day without guilt. I’m doing daily mini reviews of the Bluebird range from my tea advent calendar on my Twitter if you’re like me and enjoy trying new trends.

Marks & Spencer Bucks Fizz

This was in last year’s post, I’m even using the same picture, but it’s my all-time fave and I’m not sorry! It’s the best Bucks Fizz I’ve ever tried and is amazing value, around £3.50 a bottle (currently also on offer at £16.50 for 6 bottles, an absolute BARGAIN).

Hopefully there’s some inspiration for festive drinks for you to have at home this year, and once again I feel the need to state that this post was not sponsored/gifted by M&S…I just really like their festive drinks range!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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