FASHION / Thank you my love

One chilly (and ever so slightly snowy) afternoon, a group of Hull Bloggers gathered to eat, drink, chat, coo over baby Jasper (Violet’s adorable bubba) and snap some pics…

I learnt during this time that I can also do two other facial expressions as a variation to my usual RBF – the ‘I look innocent but am totally plotting something (above) and ‘oops, you caught me doing the eye-roll’ (below)

This jumper is so bobbled now because I’ve worn and washed it to death since buying it last year (it’s a take on the popular whit boyfriend tee, which I also own) it’s really easy to chuck on and is a flattering length to hit the top of high-waisted jeans without making you look too bulky (sadly it can’t minimise my love handles, but it doesn’t make ’em look any worse. Cake takes care of that.)

Totally living for these Primarni trousers too! I was going to pick up a similar pair elsewhere that were about £30 in a jogger style, however these were a bargain £11 and just as comfy because they’re made from jogger- type material. They also have the Adidas style poppers to play around with the proportions and keep cooler in the summer hopefully. I’m optimistic it will be warmer!

Props to Amy and Courtney for taking the pics.

Jumper, Topshop (sold out online) / Trousers, Primark / Boots, Ankle boots

Hope you all have a lovely #Easter weekend and thanks for reading,

J xx

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