FASHION/ You can leave your hat on

If you’re British, the title of this post is likely going to a) remind you of The Full Monty and b) make you want to sing the song, no matter where you are… I say sing out loud ‘n proud like nobody’s listening!

Anyway, moving on to all things fashion. I saw this blazer on a Lily Melrose video and thought “yessss”. I instantly had the idea to make look a bit more casual and almost masculine for daytime a la Megan Ellaby (just channeling these blogger gals left right and centre aren’t I!) with sportswear, however I was a teeny bit apprehensive about wearing it out as its really not me. What do you think?

The blazer is made of really soft material that moves with you almost like a cardigan as its quite thin, not quite what I was expecting so I’m not sure it’s quite giving me the sassy feels I’d hoped for. I do like it as a different kind of colour pop mixed in with the monochrome of the other pieces though, very Dennis the Menace!

Blazer, Boohoo / T-shirt, Adidas Originals / Jeans, Topshop / Trainers, Adidas Originals / Hat, Topshop

Part 2 of my #hullFoodie hangouts is coming your way later this week, so stay tuned and prepare to be hungry!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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