FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 3

Happy Sunday you lovely lot!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day to round off your weekend – I’m having a chilled out PJ day with the Mr after a busy Saturday with Mr Gok Wan, more on that next week.

For now her are my favourite outfits of the week – leopard, Striped and black fabulousness awaits…

Claudia Winkleman

Top, Gucci /Jeans, similar here / Stiletto court shoes, similar here

Claudia’s style isn’t always for me, but I really admire that she stays true to her aesthetic every single time, particularly when it comes to frocking up for Strictly every week.

I like this look because it’s ‘edgy gal does the red carpet on her own terms’ kind of vibe, if I was a few sizes smaller I’d definitely wear something like this but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel with a top that hadess structure to it.

Chloe Lewis

(image credit: @chloelewis91)

Top, Missy Empire (similar here) / Trousers, similar here / Boots, similar here

I really like a lot of Chloe’s outfits, again she stays very true to what she likes when it would be so easy for her to wear exactly the same kind of stuff that a lot of the other TOWIE girls wear (they look lovely, BTW).

I lost my s**t over this look when I saw it – at the moment I’m extra-obsessed with leopard print and this is so simple but so frickin cool and awesome at the same time. *Maybe I could pull it off?

Stacey Dooley

Since she started appearing on Saturday night prime time I believe everybody now adores Stacey, however I have an itty bitty confession: myself and the Mr (yes, he gets thrown under the bus on this one with me) have found her just a teeny bit annoying in the past, and haven’t been too impressed with her documentaries. I will say I haven’t seen the latest one about sustainable fashion so I don’t know if her style has changed or if that’s we simply don’t get on with her style of doing things.

Opinions aside, the gal seems to be pleasing everyone in the dance floor and I’m quite enjoying the outfits she’s sporting in her downtime. And her hair actually, this coppery colours looks gorge! My favourite thing about this outfit are the use of different textures, really elevate the most simple looks. If she’d have worn skinny jeans, it wouldn’t have been anything special.

Gemma Collins

Suit, Boohoo

Lets take a minute to applaud GC. Whatever you may think of her, this week a video was released hurling vile insults at her about her appearance, and she claps back by heading out publicly in a bold outfit that nobody can miss her in. The fact that it’s a suit shows she means business and for doing that she’s a bit of a hero to me, I probably would’ve taken the easy option and retreated. She looks great.

Danielle Armstrong

Biker jacket, similar here / Cami, similar here / Pencil skirt, similar here / Sock boots, similar here / Belt, Gucci

All black, all sass, yasssss Danni! Again it’s a super simple look when you drill down to each piece, but the textures and construction of each item make it feel really cool. I would wear everything she has on, exactly how she’s wearing it.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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