BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 14 – this year’s beauty heroes

I wish I was one of these people that could do a regular ‘new in beauty’ or ‘monthly empties’ or something like that, lord knows that some months I do buy a helluva lot of the damn stuff! But I’m not and I do t, so I reserve it to those times where I go nuts and splurge on one particular brand or at the end of the year when I’ve managed to work my way through all the stuff and figure out which of the mountains of stuff I actually like. So here it is, enjoy!

1. Urban Decay Backtalk

I’ve been a fan of pink eye makeup as a daily go to for quite a long time now, and since getting this for my birthday 6 months ago it’s definitely the palettes I’ve reached for the most often day to day (the other has been Naked Petite Heat, if you’re interested). I tend to shy away from the strongest pink and purple shade on the regular but the others all get chucked on my face in some form or other, however the only colour I’m not a massive fan of is 3 Sheets (the lightest pink on the far left) as it feels really chalky compared to others and just doesn’t have any colour payoff on me.

2. The Body Shop chamomile sumptuous cleansing balm

I think I may have even learnt about this balm during Vlogmas one year, how weird! I keep experimenting with other things to take my makeup off but I always go back to this one as it literally melts every little bit off my skin for me to remove it easily. I always struggle with removing my mascara but this shifts it without any bother at all. I tend to use it after a miscellar water face wash and before toner.

3. Fenty Beauty cheek hugging highlighter brush

I had no idea how awesome I would find this when I bought it, I literally just thought it was pretty and didn’t have a highlighter brush. It’s soooo helpful! The shape of it ensures my highlight goes exactly where is needs to on my face, and the more angular parts of the brush can do the smaller areas like Cupids Bow and under brows. Brilliant.

4. Urban Decay primer potion (original)

I used to just think that I was someone who had to keep refreshing makeup through the day cos it literally slid down my face. Thanks to this (and a few other things that I may name check in a 2019 post) that is no more! I really notice e difference when I don’t apply this first, I get about 2/3 trough a day and notice my eyeshadow is creased right down the middle.

5. Bilou shower foam in Tasty Donut

I do wonder if something this cute seem a little bit too young for me, but honestly I don’t care as it’s in my shower so nobody will every really see this! It smells very like Marshmallow, which is a scent I’ve always found very comforting, and the foam means that you get a much better coating on your skin so that it smells delicious all over for longer. Not bad for a spur of them,omens purchase at all!

If there are any products you’ve been loving this year that I should consider picking up to try out, shout them out in the comments section so that I can have a good ol’ nosey!

See you tomorrow,

J xx

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