BLOGMAS 2018 /Day 18 – 5 Things for 2018: how’d it work out?

I started this pledge as a bit of a public way to motivate me to get stuff done – well it may not have worked 100% but it’s definitely something you’ve been interested in reading! As I share one final update for the year thank you for sticking with me – it’s been a bumpy old ride.

Find a new new home 🏡

Y’all know this one has a bit fat tick against it! We’ve been in a little over 7 months and haven’t really done that much to it as we’ve kind of just been basking in the glow of having a nice house, but we will kick things up a notch come new year. I’m excited about what we can do to make the space feel lovely, which is how I know it’s the right place for us.

Smash my new job 🖥

As you may remember reading in the summer, things didn’t quite work out in the original job I’d hoped to succeed in, but they’re definitely moving along nicely in the current one! I’m working in an industry I never thought I would, but one that has proved very interesting and unusual which has kept me on toes. It’s definitely what I need, and I feel happy in the knowledge that my colleagues and manager will help push me to be the best I can be.

Get back to my happy weight ⚖️

Well…it’d be wrong to get absolutely everything right I guess! I’m nowhere bloody near, but I’ve started taking steps to make sure I am, and I’m trying really hard to not beat myself up about how I look. It’s hard, but I’m doing the best I can.

Have eyebrows on fleek 💉

Er, sort of? Six months on from completing my microblading treatment I’ll happily say that the shape and most of the colour has remained, however because my skin hasn’t taken particularly well to the process things could still look a lot better. I contacted the original lady who did my treatment to ask if I could book in for an early top up, it she’s ghosted me for some reason so I’ll be looking elsewhere in the new year. I’d still totally recommend, but I learnt how not to do things the expensive way.

See more of the UK 🇬🇧

I had the intention, I had a plan, I started to put said plan into action, but I could have done better. I wouldn’t say this is a big fat cross, but it’s definitely not a full tick.

What else has happened?

I found out I have melasma

Yeah, this is a weird one! I went on holiday about 9 years ago and had these massive freckle clusters just pop up around my face – I’ve always had freckles and they always come out instead of a suntan so thought nothing more of it, even though they reminded a bit of the infamous Mike Tyson tattoo. However this year I happened across an article discussion melasma and the symptoms/ appearance and realised “that’s what I look like”. Fortunately, the fact I thought it was freckles means I’m not self conscious at all, I’ve embraced it whole heartedly as a part of my USP. Sometimes I feel like I have to cover it up for putting on highlighter as it’s on my sheets and can look a bit like a dirty smudge, but that’s not the end of the world.

I went to Bonus Arena

This wonderful new entertainment venue opened in the late summer, and I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak beforehand! Since the. I’ve been for two different events – 1 an awards show with work and another to see Love Actually in concert* just last week – and have been able to see the various different setups they can offer which are really smart. I already have events lined up there for next year so I’m looking forward to returning.

I made some new friends

I don’t have pics of them all! HEY Bloggers has allowed me to meet some lovely people, as well as reconnect with some old friends, so I look forward to spending more time with them in 2019 whether they like it or not!

See you tomorrow,

J xx

*tickets to Love Actually in Concert were kindly gifted by Bonus Arena

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