Five things that bloggers no longer do

Today marks five years since I decided to start (and stick to writing) my blog. Five years of making friends, challenging myself to be creative with style and discovering lots of different things. Five whole years!!

To make this milestone there’s no giveaway (sorry) no cute photo shoot with a cake or balloons (not that I didn’t want to, I just wasn’t organised enough) and no imparting of wisdom of how to do anything amazing in the blogging world (how I wish I had this wisdom to use). Nope. Instead, I’ve written five differences I’ve noticed since I first streaked claim on a little patch of the internet. I wonder who else remembers and has noticed some of these… (I’ve also peppered a few more throwback blog post pics throughout, enjoy)

1. Bloggers no longer….simply write about an outfit – why they like it, how they styled it , what it’s like to wear etc

My first ever blog post was literally me sharing 2 very ad-hoc photos of what I’d worn the weekend before. It certainly wouldn’t cut the mustard now!

Even with a lot of fashion bloggers and featuring styled outfits, the content of the post is usually something that feels a bit profound, imparting wisdom or an opinion on a key topic. The fashion is just kind of there to break up that chat a bit. That’s probably ended up being so due to the rise of the micro influencers in Instagram (not to mention Instagram Stories and IGTV) and YouTubers, which are much easier outlets to share this kinda stuff on, but I sometimes worry that I don’t have the opinions or the wisdom to keep up with this developing trend.

2. Bloggers no longer…title their posts with something profound or cute

I’ll give you examples using some of my previous post titles – Mono-magic, Peachy, Hot weather cold shoulder, summertime sadness, snug as a fashionista in a blanket cape.

As a marketeer, I’m a huge advocate of something quirky and maybe verging on a bit click-baity, so I still think there’s a place to do something along these lines. However, if you’re calling a spade a spade then people will come and read because they have a more explicit idea of what to expect.

3. Bloggers no longer…have whimsical blog names

I include myself in this one! My blog was called ‘Curious Alice Loves…’ for the first three years, I changed its for a few reasons but the main was because PR messages kept coming to me starting “Hey Alice, how are you?” (That’s very sloppy on the PR’s part for not ready the bio, or e-mail address correctly). I know quite a few people who gave their blog a more quirky name when they first started but then evolved/re-branded down the line to being ‘just them’ (does anyone remember Sarah Ashcroft’s That Pommie Girl?. I admire those who have kept hold of their original name and have a kind of ‘gal behind the blog’ approach as that’s the identity they’ve built, like the fabulous Dorkface.

4. Bloggers no longer…write “PR friendly” in their bio

Never understood this one, never did it myself. I mean, what blogger isn’t?!?

5. Bloggers no longer…engage with each other’s posts in the comments section

This one is the key – everyone used to leave comments directly on a blog post, but I honestly can’t recall the last time I had any of mine. I don’t know whether this just means that people are reading things quickly and can’t be bothered to log in to leave one, whether they’re just looking at pictures or whether they don’t feel they have anything of value to say, but I do find this a real shame. Let’s all make sure we encourage and engage with each other, the hustle is hard!

So, for this post and any others you’ve read over the years, thanks for joining me. I really appreciate it.

J xx

17 thoughts on “Five things that bloggers no longer do

  1. What a beautifully written post, congratulations on your five years of blogging. In a few months time I’ll make it to four and like you I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s sad that you don’t receive many comments because interaction is what makes blogging so worthwhile. Here’s to your next five years!

  2. Your post is so spot on! I definitely noticed the first one, it’s kind of a shame. Sometimes I just want to look at pictures and read why a blogger chose these clothes etc coming up with “profound” stuff all the time might be really hard as well.

  3. Leslie Nichole

    I’ve noticed this too, I’ve had 2 blogs before this one and they had quirky names like “The Crafty Side of Sarcasm” & “Namaste & Eat cupcakes” but now I’m just going with my name. I’ve noticed these patterns of change over the last few years myself. It’s sad no one comments anymore because we are all here to support each other.

  4. I agree very much on all of these I started just over 5 years ago, so this is all very relatable to me! I still have my quirky blog name as I feel like first names often can blur my memory between who is actually who – and when I tell people mine they’re like that’s a cool or interesting name, so it’s sticking around for a while yet!
    I totally agree about comments too – particularly in the last year I’ve noticed a massive dip in the number of comments I get, at the peak I’d get 30-40 comments per post – now its more like 4. 10 comments on a post is a really good comments day now!

    • It’s a real shame isn’t it, we should never lose time to tell people we like something/agree with them/share our views. Thanks for taking the time ☺️

  5. Great post and congrats on 5 years! That’s quite a milestone, I’m just 2 years and 5 months in and wish I’d started earlier. Anyway, I’m leaving a comment to disprove point #5. 🙂 Bloggers still leave comments on each other’s blogs. 🙂

  6. Kat

    Great post Jenny! I totally agree with almost all of it—- I have written PR friendly but took it out as it seemed presumptuous! I might be crazy x

  7. Congratulations on 5 years. I think it’s a shame about the lack of comments. I’m always happy to get them – unless they’re the obvious promotional “now come and visit me” ones, so I try to leave them from time to time, but I agree we could all do more to support one another.

    • Thank you very much! Don’t get me wrong, I will only leave a comment when I feel like it’s of some kind of value, I think it’s worse to just put “nice” or something.

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  9. One Hull of a Dad

    I agree with all the points you’ve mentioned.

    I’ve only been blogging for 3 years but have noticed in the last year that comments on my posts are almost non-existent. I also think there are a lot less linkys around than before which might be a reason for some people.

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