Make your own Pomada: the official fiesta recipe of the Balearics

Remember a little while ago a did a post about things I liked before they were cool and mentioned I’d share a cocktail recipe shortly after? Well here it is! Well, I say cocktail, it’s more of a localised G&T recipe, but they’re practically one in the same these days right?

The drink is called Pomada and it’s a Menorcan concoction traditionally drank at fiestas. You can also buy it on the island in a pre mixed form (made with lemon juice, so slightly different from the recipe below).

Much like alcohol at a UK festival, people will take their own Pomada and swig it as they walk around enjoying the fiesta as they slowly get wasted throughout the evening…thank the lord I attended them before the days of social media and camera phones!

Pomada is a super simple and refreshing summer drink, and I’m determined to get more people in the UK drinking it so that Xoriguer gin will start being stocked in the UK and I can re-live my youth!

You will need:

  • Xoriguer gin
  • Fanta Lemon
  • Lemon wedge
  • Ice

Official method:

  • Put 2-3 chunks of ice in to a tumbler
  • Add in a 35ml of gin
  • Top up with Fanta Lemon
  • Add lemon wedge to serve

Fiesta method:

  • Pour out half the Fanta Lemon from the bottle
  • Fill the other half up with the gin
  • Give the whole thing a bit of a shake
  • Off you go to get your fiesta oooonnnnn

Which ever recipe you choose, always follow the same final step: always drink sociably. If you want to find out more about the traditional Menorcan fiestas (which you definitely should if you’re ever planning a visit) this website has a decent amount of information.

Salut! And thanks for reading,

J xx

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