Surviving October

Hey friends, hope you’re all doing well. We’re all obviously going through a variety of things in our topsy turvy, midst of a global pandemic so what exactly are we allowed to do Boris lifestyles, however today I want to chat about more of a long standing concern thats rearing it’s less than attractive head in my life right now.

The autumnal slump.

For the past few years, I’ve had an extremely difficult time in the month of October (and sometimes a little beyond). I become tired, listless, depressed and emotional, basically like an extreme case of PMT for a whole 31 days. Like clockwork – September ends, October hits and within days I’m like a completely different person. I’ve never sought a specific form of diagnosis, but I imagine Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) would be the closest thing to what I seem to go through.

Each year I have braced and tried to prepare myself to no avail, however this year I seem to be winning the fight a little bit. I’m still tired and a little disinterested in life away from the office, but the depression and emotion seem to be staying at bay for now. So, what’s changed? Well, I’m in a much stronger position in life for one. I had some much needed time out during Furlough to figure out what I wanted and needed out of my life, I’ve gone headlong into a new job, am around nice people a lot more often and have plenty if things to look forward to in my life.

Simply reminding myself of the good things in my life goes a long way, however also reminding myself that sometimes I can’t win 100% of the battle is just as big a comfort. During the slightly more difficult feeling times, I aim for the small wins – small bitty tasks that take little concentration but can be taken off the to do list, or a longer repetitive task that I can just lose myself in for a few hours. Trash tv, hot shower, huge bowl of pasta, brisk walk to blow off some of the internal cobwebs, all things that reduce the effects of the slump.

If I’ve been a little absent of late; not posting as much or showing up on social media, this is the reason why. As soon as I’m reset I’ll be back on the regular with posts, pics and probably Tik Toks galore! I hope to see you then.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION/ Cool for the summer, cosy for A/W

Ok so it’s not super chilly yet, but that doesn’t mean fleecy lined coats are out…just go sleeveless! I was super snugly during my weekend shopping trip in this one, the perfect cover up for a simple outfit.   
    These heels are a great size and pretty comfy once they’re broken in…of course, I have them in another colour (which I’m sure you’ll see soon) 
  I thought this was a cute boho hat, Mr Alice felt it was more summery…Mother Nature tried to steal it in a fierce updraft   A simple bit of lace up detail adds that extra lil’ something

Both materials on the jacket are ridiculously soft – I’m still really vibing on multiple textures, it just makes outfits a bit more interesting sometimes. I’m sooooo into camel as an Autumn colour because it tones in really nicely with with nature, but I definitely will NOT be kicking around in any leaves with boots I want to stay this colour!

Jacket Celeb Look/ Top Top Shop/ Jeans Top ShopDorothy Perkins/ Hat Dorothy Perkins (similar here)

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

FASHION/ All Grey, All Day

The best way to take a dress you bought in summer into autumn whilst it’s still nice weather? Bring out the thigh highs! It’s definitely not cold enough for tights yet, whereas long boots are fabulous all year round. 

    This is the same place, same day, about 3 meters apart from the leaves. I think something displease me, check out that weird ass pout!

  This is one of the gorgeous gift bag items from the recent #HullBloggers event 
Dress Missy Empire (see all 4 colours here)/ Boots Ego (see all colours here)/ Bracelet John Greed/ Aviators 

FASHION/ Autumn Sass

 The UK weather is so confusing right now – is it warm? Is it cold? Will it be warm THEN cold?!?! It’s all made me pretty ready to start embracing some chillier weather clothes, starting with my trusty thigh high boots. I used them as a base in this #ootd to go for a kind of retro vibe, which I wore to work last week.


The top isn’t as see through away from the camera, promise! With the skirt being a mini a went a size up so it would sit a bit lower, DEFINITELY glad I did as there was a slightly dicey moment when I sat down at my desk….oops…I’m definitely going to carry on my oxblood red obsession for A/W I think, the other day I did an online shop that consisted only of that colour which I’m sure I’ll be sharing soon.

Top Top Shop/ Skirt Pretty Little Thing/ Boots Miss Pap

Share your fave trends and colours for the new season with me, I wanna hear them! Send me a tweet or leave me a comment.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx