FASHION/ Autumn Sass

 The UK weather is so confusing right now – is it warm? Is it cold? Will it be warm THEN cold?!?! It’s all made me pretty ready to start embracing some chillier weather clothes, starting with my trusty thigh high boots. I used them as a base in this #ootd to go for a kind of retro vibe, which I wore to work last week.


The top isn’t as see through away from the camera, promise! With the skirt being a mini a went a size up so it would sit a bit lower, DEFINITELY glad I did as there was a slightly dicey moment when I sat down at my desk….oops…I’m definitely going to carry on my oxblood red obsession for A/W I think, the other day I did an online shop that consisted only of that colour which I’m sure I’ll be sharing soon.

Top Top Shop/ Skirt Pretty Little Thing/ Boots Miss Pap

Share your fave trends and colours for the new season with me, I wanna hear them! Send me a tweet or leave me a comment.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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