FESTIVE/ 4 Ways to feel festive AF 

Festive themed loungewearChristmas clothing doesn’t just stop at jumper ya know. Be festive all day errr day…I dare you NOT to get in the #christmas mood when relaxing at home in this Boohoo pudding Loungewear! Boohoo have a great selection at the moment from the more subtle to full on quirky like mine, definitely worth checking ’em out. And, in keeping with my love for Sleepwear Sass I also picked up a cheeky ‘pudding tits’ sleep tee from Pretty Little Thing.

Drink hot chocolate fom a Christmas mug There’s a reason that big coffee shop chains out so much emphasis on creating kick ass festive drinks and cups every year – because the taste of winter and Christmas is everything. I got this immense Santa mug from ASDA (it’s sold singular in store for £3) and filled it with home-made rum hot chocolate.

Christmas crafts The first time I ever did this was when I visited Lydia’s with the girls (you can check out my post about it here) and it really got my feeling those festive vibes. I brought some bits home to have a go at home- as you can see this effort is definitely more on the basic side but they’re still quite cute!

Make it smell like Christmas Smell is ultimately what evokes the most memories in us, so smells that remind us of the holidays are going to immediately get those festive juices flowing! For me the smell of mullled wine and spices really puts me in Christmas mode, and this Harper’s Bizarre candle I picked up last year (still available now) is the epitome of this for me. Ya know, apart from actual mulled wine.

So, if anyone needs me this month, I’ll probably be at home doing all of this…hehe.

Stay Stylish (and festive AF!)

J 😘xx

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