FESTIVE/ Get Scentered this holiday season 

The pressures of life can sometimes be enough, but around the festive period sometimes that can be really ramped up. There’s not always time to do the normal things to relax (massage, hot bath etc) so having something than can help chill you out on the go can be pretty useful. More than useful in some cases.

I heard about a company called Scentered and thought I’d take a look at their website. Within 5 minutes I’d ordered one of their therapy balms to try out.I chose the Stress Less balm bauble which promised to be a “feel good scent” described as their “hero product”. The bauble is the same price as the regular balm but just gives that nice extra festive touch.The product itself is lipstick-sized so fit really nicely in to my handbag for me to use any time during the day. The combination of scents is really nice and gives me spa vibes, which is my ‘relaxing happy place’. I’ve been using it (as per directions for use) first thing in the morning before I get to the office, and any time I feel I need it during the day. It’s also been great to start my bedtime routine by making me feel more relaxed. I’m definitely starting to see why this is the company’s hero product!

With a few different scents on offer to help naturally target certain feelings, such as comforted, empowered and inspired, I don’t think this is the only balm I’ll be using in 2017.

Stay stylish (and scentered)

J 😘xx

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