BLOGMAS day 6: Cheese! Ideas for your festive cheeseboard

My name is Jenny and I’m a cheese-o-holic.

I, much the same as many other people, enjoy a cheeky cheeeboard at #christmas time. I use it as an opportunity to try new flavours and have something different to the everyday, and here I’m sharing my top three recommendations of cheeses to try for 2017…

Caramelised onion & Rioja cheddar, The Cheshire Cheese Company

Cheese and wine are always paired together, I’m known for being partial to the odd glass of red soooo…this was another purchase from my visit to the Great British Food Festival earlier this year, and its one I’ll likely be repeating. This is a mature cheddar and the wine notes give it a little bit of extra body and depth. A little bit goes a long way so it’ll last through a good portion of December (or shared at a dinner party)
ASDA Wensleydale with chocolate & orange and Christmas tree-shaped Applewood.

It’s cheese shaped as a frickin’ Christmas tree!! Even if it wouldn’t have been Applewood, which is one of my faves, I probably still would’ve bought it for that reason alone. If you like smoky flavours then this could be the cheddar for you.

 I’d heard ASDA were launching a chocolate orange cheese so I actively sought this one during the weekly food shop. I really like Wensleydale anyway (usually with cranberries, which is also pretty christmassey) but I found this one extra creamy. I suspected I’d like this one as I enjoy a nice sweet/savoury combo.

ASDA usually do slay the game with their festive cheese selection but this year they seem to have upped the ante with varieties and value for money, these two were both £1 each.

My top cheeseboard tip is to serve oatcakes instead of crackers. They’re pretty light and buttery in texture so offsets the cheese really nicely. My preferred brand is Nairns.

To all the cheese lovers reading this – enjoy, and you’re welcome!

J xx

4 thoughts on “BLOGMAS day 6: Cheese! Ideas for your festive cheeseboard

  1. I love that caramelised onion and rioja cheese; so rich and flavoursome. I bought a couple of hampers as gifts from the Cheshire Cheese Company last year, and had to sneak in a couple of flavours for myself 😉 They have some great tastes.

    I also enjoy Mexican cheese which you can get in Asda; it contains chllis and has a real warming kick. Worth trying if you like spicy food.

    • There are new cheese being created all the time and I would wholeheartedly encourage you to dive in and try! I really enjoy a nice strong flavour blending with something sweet (such as wensleydale with cranberry)

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