BLOGMAS day 7: Happy horror-days

Question 1: What Christmas card do you buy your horror-mad husband when you want to put in some thought and effort?

Question 2: What Christmas card do you yourself when you’re a bit of a Scream junkie?

Answer: these ones by Emma Powell Design.

I’m not particularly into cards, but I spotted this Ghostface (the killer from the Scream films, just in case you didn’t know) print on my Twitter feed a few days ago and thought it was so awesome I had to buy it. While I was browsing I also came across the Jason Voorhees design and knew it was perfect for the Mr. The films from the Halloween series are some of of our go-tos for sticking on for an easy watch (yes, really) and he loves #christmas so it was a pretty personalised choice.

I don’t know how these scary, ugly ass killers have been made to look so darn adorable but Emma has nailed it, and I doubt this is the last purchase I’ll be making! They’re lovely quality and wil look lovely as wall art in our new home (if we ever find one, that is).

If you’re a horror fan, like a bit of quirkiness or a touch of satire, give Emma’s Etsy store a look.

And that’s week 1 of blogmas DONE!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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