BLOGMAS day 8: Subtle festive fashion touches 

Myth buster- You don’t have to wear an outlandish outfit to prove you’re not a Grinch!

Being festive is about finding your own holiday traditions that make you happy and excited, and I say it’s kinda nice to have a bit of festive wear tucked away under your trousers/boots that only you know about. Someone may catch a quick glimpse of them as you sit down and smile as your subtle festive secret is revealed, making them feel festive and happy too. It’s a great cycle to be in!

These patterns are both from Matalan and are available in store at around £1.75 per pair, but there are some of my other faves

Bah hum-pug, Dorothy Perkins / Santa, Dorothy Perkins / Oh Deer, ASDA

In the interest of full disclosure – I am also partial to a more full on festive look, which I may share later on in the month.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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